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  1. muffking

    ZS testing without a No Trip function

    Does anyone know if it's possible to do Zs testing of circuits with the Fluke 1653 below? It's tripping the 30mA RCD when testing the circuits and the meter doesn't have a No Trip test function. Have I bought the wrong meter?
  2. muffking

    Hager MCB to RCBO compatibility?

    Does anyone know which RCBO's fit in place of the MT series MCB's? There's already an MTN MCB on the RCD side, but the only spare way is on the non RCD side. Older RCBO's coming up in my searches for a B16 are the AD107, ADB116 & ADN116.
  3. muffking

    SPD difference between earthing systems

    Short and simple question. Can anyone explain the difference between SPD's for different earthing systems please.
  4. muffking

    How to reduce chipboard floor creaking?

    Later this week I will be stripping my daughters bedroom ready for decorating and hopefully doing something to reduce the creaking floor in our 2001 house with the green chipboard floor boards. The question is how? I can't be sure if it's the joins between the boards or the floor against the...
  5. muffking

    No Neutral light switches?

    I'm not fitting one, but am curious as to how they work where the Neutral is not at the switch. Essentially you add a capacitor between the SL & N at the light, so am I right in assuming that the capacitor allows the switch to see the Neutral through the Switched Live when the light is off...
  6. muffking

    Running electrics to shed off an RCD circuit. Should I add another RCD for the shed?

    This is really a design question. I'm running SWA for a shed socket which will come off a 13A fused radial, which in turn is connected to the 32A ring on an RCD board. My question is:- A) Should I use an RCD socket in the shed? B) Change the 13A FCU feeding the radial to an RCD FCU. C) Just...
  7. muffking

    Which smoke alarm type for which room.

    I could do with knowing which type of smoke alarm should be used an where. My understanding is that ionising alarms should be used in bedrooms & hallways, but heat alarms should be used in/near the kitchen area, although Aico also suggest a heat alarm in garages. My main questions are why is a...
  8. muffking

    Powermax 155x not firing for central heating

    Hi guys. Just replaced a radiator in my bathroom and now my Powermax 155x won't fire up for central heating. Hot water works ok, but the only thing I did to the boiler was drain down, re-presurise the expansion vessel and refill the system. It appears that the upper left pump in the photo is...
  9. muffking

    2Kw inverter, too good to be true?

    In an attempt to ditch lugging around my 3Kw petrol generator to power the tyre warmers for my race bike I stumbled across this -...
  10. muffking

    Changing a cooker socket to standard 2 gang, but not RCD protected. Allowable?

    The wife wants me to add some sockets where she works, but one of them involves removing a cooker outlet and swapping over the switched socket to standard 2 gang socket outlet. The problem is that it's on an old Wylex fuse wire board and although I could swap the red 30A fuse to a blue 15A and...
  11. muffking

    Powermax external expansion tank full of water

    I've been re routing pipework in my bathroom to fit a towel radiator, but my boiler pressure has gone through the roof. I noticed that my expansion tank is full of water as it spurts out when I press the Schrader valve in. My question is how do I empty the expansion tank of water so I can pump...
  12. muffking

    Relocating stench entry to plastic welded stack

    Hi guys. I'm in the process of stripping my bathroom ready for a new layout, but I've come up against an obstacle. The existing 100mm poo pipe needs relocating, but everything is welded in. The bath waste position is ok, but I need the poo pipe to come out the left side instead so I can fit...
  13. muffking

    Adding sockets to ring

    Hi guys. I'd like to add a couple of sockets to my bedroom so that they are easily accessible as the existing double is hidden behind the bed. Am I better off splitting the ring with a couple of MF extension boxes and some 2.5mm T&E, or would a couple of radial sockets suffice? Here's a pic...
  14. muffking

    Anyone on here having problems using the NEST APP?

    Just checking, but is anyone else having problem controlling their NEST thermostat via the mobile App? I ask because mine has been fine for ages, but recently won't let me control it via any of the family mobiles, despite showing the live temperature readout on our phones as I move the dial on...
  15. muffking

    Info required about buying balanced flue gas fire

    Hi guys. Had a plumber diagnose a faulty fan pressure switch on my gas fire today, but he pointed out that our room is generally cold due to the way the existing fire flues straight out the wall and lets cold air in when the fire is not on. He recommends I buy a balanced flue gas fire to...
  16. muffking

    Does a 2 gang light switch on a double face plate exist?

    I have a 4 gang modular switch where an extractor and fuse have been decommissioned after a kitchen refit, leaving me with only 2 lights to switch on a double faceplate. Is there such a thing as a double face plate with just 2 light switches to tidy it up?
  17. muffking

    Which cable to run 13A socket off ring for elec. oven?

    As title. I need to run a switched socket from a ringed socket for an electric oven which has a 13A plug. What size cable should I use to connect the new single socket to one of the doubles on the ring? n.b. I won't be increasing the load as I'll be plugging the oven into the new socket rather...
  18. muffking

    Replacing toilet cistern internals

    I have 2 toilets with dodgy cistern internals. The first one needs the handle pulling severe times before flushing and the other is leaking water into the bowl via the flapper/leak. I'm am therefore thinking of replacing/upgrading the internals with a new bottom fed kit. Does anyone have any...
  19. muffking

    Replacing parts in a thermostatic mixer shower

    Hi guys. I have 2 Sirrus TS1503 thermostatic mixer showers in my house which are both almost too stiff to turn off and one of them leaks slightly out of the knob. I'm guessing that the mechanism that you turn is worn or full of limescale. Problem is that I don't know how to cut the water off...
  20. muffking

    What type of boiler is this and should I upgrade?

    Hi guys. I may be moving from a house with a Baxi combi to a house with a strange boiler system that I've not come across before. It has a tank built into the boiler unit and what looks like an external vented pressure tank? Is there any significant advantage to change to a more modern boiler...