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    Slab mix

    Got some Indian sandstone slabs to lay, any benefit in any admix/frost/waterproofer or just the usual sharp sand/cement? Never used admix for this before but just checking (y)
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    Patio Edging course

    I want to lay an edging course of block pavers as a border to some sandstone slabs. Done plenty of slabbing before but never done any block paving. Any chance of a quick sanity check? My plan is: Tamp down the soil a bit/scrape any loose off Lay the edging course on a sharp sand cement semi dry...
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    Sandstone against lawn

    I’m laying a patio alongside a lawn, the existing lawn will be ripped up and replaced at some point, but I assume the new turf will end up at the same level as the existing, pretty much. I’m trying to work out how best to edge the Indian sandstone slabs - the lawn will be lower (say 2 or 3...
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    Another man cave/garden room

    Started over Xmas, just about finished. Oakwood garden rooms and Ali Dymock on YouTube were a great help. Everything done myself. Reinforced concrete slab base: Retaining wall at the back with a clear cavity to allow higher ground level, separation of the timber frame and easily satisfy...
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    Sand or SLC under PIR on slab

    Got a slab which I’m putting DPM and PIR and chipboard on top of. The slab dips in one corner by about 10mm, reckon I’ll get away with some sand under the celotex to level it or do I need SLC? There’s also another DPM under the slab.
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    S plan / bypass gate valve / pump gone

    Hi all My dad had a new boiler, low loss header and pump installed a couple of months ago, S plan system, and a few weeks later the new (external) pump broke. When it was broken, I was round there and observed the system firing up (programmer set to heating only), zero noise from the main pump...
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    Silicone on EPDM?

    Got the odd spot on my garden room roof where the kerb foam isn’t sealed down onto the EPDM so you get a drop running down the fascia. I want to seal it ie seal the EPDM to the trim, can I use silicone? Or lead mate? Or something else. Thanks (y)
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    Corrugated bitumen sheets for cladding

    I was always planning on cladding the back wall of my garden room with those black corrugated “coraline” sheets as I’ve used them before on roofing and they’re easy to work with. I did this then thought they look pretty good, and a kinda industrial look so started cladding the whole thing with...
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    Flex conduit into plastic box?

    Apols if this is the wrong forum section but I know there’s plenty here that’ll know this. I want to terminate some of that black flex 20mm conduit into an IP65 box on the wall (in my case for cat7 Ethernet cable), any idea if you can get a gland/connector for this? I’d rather make a proper...
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    Black cladding / anyone charred their own?

    Looking to get some black cladding for the garden room. I know there’s the cedral stuff and I might use that round the back, but quite fancied using wood for some of it, anyone ever got the blowtorch out and charred some new timber? I’m thinking of doing this, using larch as a cheaper...
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    Steel column

    On my brother’s extension they’ve specced (and built) a steel column to take the end of a steel beam, on the inner blockwork skin which a section has been cut away and removed to make way for the column. Why can’t the beam (which is at 90 degrees to the wall) just bear onto the blockwork? I’m...
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    Cedar Cladding/OSMO Oil - 1 year on

    A year ago since I did my Cedar cladding, and I made some samples using various Osmo UV colours, which have seen the sun 6+ hours a day most of the year. May be handy for anyone trying to work out which to use. Clear UV still gets my vote. "Light" Cedar appears far from light! All Western Red...
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    Garden room/timber frame/bifolds

    Evening all, not posted here for a while, hope everyone is well. I’ve been knocking up my garden room, and have realised I may have made a design mistake so trying to work out my options. Basically all was good, walls are up (4x2 sheathed with 12mm osb) roof deck is on (5x2s). Issue is, one of...
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    Decking out a platform

    I’ve got a ceiling to batten, overboard and skim, height is a good 3m and being a bit of a short4rse I need to be about 1m up. Room size is just under 4x4m. Trying to work out what I need, while reusing as much as I’ve already got as possible. Im thinking at least 6 tressles, 3+ scaffold boards...
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    PVA best for stairs?

    Knocked out all my under stairs brickwork and wanted to take the opportunity to glue and screw blocks underneath to add support and reduce squeaking. In terms of longevity, anyone got any views on whether to use PVA or some of the alternatives like that foaming adhesive I’ve used for flooring in...
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    What to use for porch ceiling?

    Got a biggish area to fit some kind of cladding/soffit/boards to for my porch ceiling. Fixing to rafters at 400mm centres. I want to fit downlights to it. Needs to end up white. Any preferences from experience? Only really used the hollow soffits for this kinda thing and I reckon they’ll shatter...
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    Marley Anglia/mendip

    Got a new full length porch roof I need to tile on my house, existing house and garage roof is Marley anglia antique brown (new tiles on the garage and extension, original 60s on the main roof) I’m not a massive fan of the anglias, was thinking of using mendips instead for the porch as they’re...
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    Fiesta 2007 HO2S fault

    2007 petrol 1.4 fiesta, showing P0030 heater control circuit bank 1 sensor 1. After clearing, Logs the fault again immediately you turn the engine on (not with just the ignition on). Same whether engine is hot or cold. Assuming this is the pre-cat one at the top rear of the engine bay, I’ve...
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    Suspended floor/timber frame garden room

    If I want a suspended timber floor on a garden room which will have a couple of courses of single skin brick walls above ground then timber frame, what’s the best way of hanging the floor joists, can I use built in masonry hangers or will they not work because there’ll be a timber sole plate...
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    Testing electrical components

    Got a rear wiper motor I’m working on and want to plug it in on my bench to a 12v supply as it’s a faff doing it in the car (and it’s cold) It’s got a male connector with no flex, and I won’t be able to connect croc clips to it easily without shorting the connections as the pins are close...