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  1. Elkato531

    manhole benching

    Quick question for the drainage experts. I had to unblock our drains today. I think the neighbours are flushing wet wipes but they deny it. When I got everything moving and clear, I noticed that the benching in one of our manholes was cracked and holed. What mortar mix should I use for patching...
  2. Elkato531

    Where can I get...?

    A 38mm box spanner. Got a shower to fix and the customer has been told its needed to get the cartridge out. The man from Crosswater says available from Screwfix but I suspect that was a hopeful guess or a downright lie. Anyone know of a stockist?
  3. Elkato531

    odd pipe size

    I need to connect onto an old stopcock with an unusual pipe size. The end I need to connect to has a male thread which is larger than 1/2" but smaller than 3/4". I'm guessing it might be 5/8" but I can't find any 5/8" fittings anywhere to test this. Unfortunately, removing and replacing the...