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    FIND AN ELECTRICIAN SITES: Who do they benefit?

    MyHammer, ServiceMagic, RatedPeople, MyBuilder even B&Q/ScrewFix have a site. I was approached this week by a small start-up wanting me to pay £300 to be listed on an "Electric Booking" site allowing estate agents and local authorities to find "reputable" service providers!! Typically they...
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    Anyone recognise these fan controllers?

    // Its an awful picture taken with a mobile phone by the client. I'm going there on Tuesday to look at why the lights are out on three controllers and why the fans won't turn. Apparently there is only one MCB for all fans which is...
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    the new Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)

    Appears that it includes: 1) Reason for the limitation 2) Name of person limitation was agreed with I am quite happy about that though I always put agreed limitations in writing on company headed paper anyway. Having it on the form makes it more formal and likely to be done...
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    Mathematics for electrical engineers

    Professor Carpenter chairman of the cabinet making department graciously offers to step in to cover an absent colleague in the C&G 2391 maths preparation class.
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    water hammer

    Hi all, while working on an electrical installation yesterday, I was distracted and asked to "investigate" an issue of water hammer. No idea what that has to do with electrics but that's what happens when you are the only guy on site :roll: 1) Combi boiler 2) 15mm copper cold...
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    Internet - router to RJ45 data grid socket

    Hi there, I have been asked to connect a short run (3 meters) of existing CAT5e cable from a router (under stairs) to an RJ45 data grid wall socket in an adjacent room. Cable is already in place, just needs terminating. Questions -Do I separate out the 8 cores and wire each end...
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    three phase domestic application

    Good evening good people, I have been asked to quote for installing a commercial size Ironing Press in an outbuilding which adjoins a dwelling. The press requires 3Ph&N. I would consider the outbuilding which has a door directly into the main kitchen as a domestic environment (laundry room)...
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    Part P Self certifications Scheme degregulation theme

    Hello fellow sparks, I'm registered with the NICEIC approved contractor/domestic installer. Had a survey through this week which was asking my views about the part P scheme. It appears that that general mass of the population think part P is overkill/not working/waste of money/disadvantage to...