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    wet room edging

    mother in law has just moved into property with wet room/shower. The vinyl upstand on walls is coming away slightly in places (not in area where water would ingress) what would be best product to re stick this to walls
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    Door to floor

    I have just fitted laminate floor in kitchen. I now need to re hang door. What gap should there be between bottom of door and floor
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    hi i have some 119mm round edge skirting (pencil round?) to fit. should i cope internal corners with this and what adhesive do you recommend to fasten skirting to plasterboard walls?
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    lvp underlay?

    hi i have a concrete kitchen floor 20m2 and am going to use self leveling compound before laying lvp. do i need underlay and if so what do you recommend
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    socket blanking plate

    I am looking at getting new kitchen and have been told existing twin socket is too near where ceramic hob will be. 110mm away but should be 300mm? would fitting a blanking plate over socket be a suitable solution. I realise i will have to join wires behind plate (wagos?)
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    cutting laminate worktop

    I realize this has probably been covered before but what is correct way to cut way a laminate kitchen worktop with a track saw. do i cut front to back laminate side up?
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    Humax Not Working With New LG TV

    I have recently purchased a new LG 4K Nano Cell TV in the hope of using it with my Humax Fox HDR T2 box. However, while the TV works on the antenna input, there appears to be no signal on the HDMI input for the Humax box. The picture begins to play for about half a second when first turned...
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    replacing floorboards before fitting amtico

    Hi I plan on having amtico fitted in my bathroom which is being refurbished. the firm who are going to install it sent a guy to measure up. I wasn't in at the time but he told my wife that some of the floorboards had a high moisture content and due to holes etc in others he recomended replacing...
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    filler for kitchen door

    i have just bought a new integrated washing machine and suprise suprise the hinges on the door panel do not match up with the hinge holes on washer. the top hinge will need dropping about 15mm. to do this i will need to fill existing hinge recess 35mm dia 12mm deep. so i need something to fill...
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    zanussi hob one ring dud

    one ring has stopped working on electric hob. other 3 ok. what is it likely to be & will i be able to diy.ceramic hob
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    advent 3312 power saving mode

    just bought new pc so old one put in my sons room. however when i power it up monitor stays in power save mode ie amber light on. if i disconnect monitor cable green light comes on and message on screen says self diagnostics check signal cable no signal when signal cable re connected blank...
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    opening fax files

    new pc with vista with previous pc xp i could open e mail attachments with windows picture and fax viewer. however am unable to open any now with vista. doesnt seem to have a program to open fax files or am i missing something ? any advice appreciated computers not my strong point
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    pixel shader

    unable to use newly bought pc game due to lack of pixel shader? is this related to graphics card? if so is a new graphics card the answer and is it something i am likely to be able to change myself? advent pc with gforce 4 mx 440 8x 64mb
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    zanussi fan?

    zanussi zdf490x very noisy when operating . I think its the fan . noise seems to be coming from top of oven . is this something I can fix myself?
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    gas fittings on water pipe

    is it ok to repair a 25mm pe water pipe with a 25mm galv joiner designed for gas pipe (george fisher)
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    poitive and negative pressure boilers

    what is the difference between positive and negative pressure rs boilers. which is safer and how can you tell difference between the two
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    lpg appliances

    can you buy appliances ready to use on lpg or do they all come with conversion kits? what does converting an appliance from nat gas to lpg entail
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    olympus error

    just bought a digital camera. have downloaded images onto computer but when i try to copy to cd i get the message #=[IM06006] cdr drive does not exist. olympus image mixer?
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    noisy zanussi

    my zanussi built in oven is very noisy when running and also for quite a while after when switched off. possibly fan noise. only 2 years old and not used excessively
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    ideal mini hot water not

    ideal mini 24. ch ok . fires up on dhw demand but water only lukewarm at best. changed thermistor and stat to no avail. could it be plate heat exchanger?