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    Gable insulation

    Should a gable end wall - full fill insulated cavity -be insulated with a air gap behind the insulation? If so why?
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    Ideal loft cable routing

    I've looked on the search and around the web but can't get much of a conclusive answer. When installing a ring final in a loft is there an ideal/best route for the cable run? should it be all under the floor and rise to each socket? Run round the rear side of the dwarf walls in a literal ring...
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    Wall starters, education needed please.

    hi all, I'm about to fill a cavity that's formed between a building and an extension. I've chased out all the mortar and the starters are bent all over the place The wall starters that are there have been screwed to the original building in only two places per strip and the leaves only go into...
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    multifoil with non foil faced boards?

    I'm kinda stumped on this one, I've got an opportunity to buy a lot of non foil faced insulation at a very good price. As I understand it the foil helps with the radiation side of heat loss, acts as a vcl when taped and so is somewhat beneficial. Would a multifoil (yes, yes I know..hiss boo...
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    Purlin repair- supporting wall damage

    hi all, In preparation for a loft conversion I've found that the walls supporting the purlin mid span are no longer sound. The purlin has moved downward slightly (almost as if the roof has spread and sagged) and cracked the pillar wall that supports it, pushed bricks out of place etc. I'm...