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    Flexi hose elbow connector

    I have a flexible hose that is fitted under a sink that doesn't comfortably reach the brass fitting it connects to. Is there an elbow connector that I can fit to extend the current pipe/connector slightly to allow for a more comfortable connection? Obviously, I could get a longer flexible hose...
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    Hot water gate valve

    If I turn off the gate vale on the pipe running directly into the bottom of hot water cylinder, should the hot water supply to the taps stop almost immediately? I've done this but the hot water still runs. I thought cutting off the cold water feed would stop hot water being pushed out of the top...
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    Sebo X4 vacuum cleaner

    Our Sebo x4 has stopped working and now appears to have no power at all. I have started trying to diagnose the issue with a multi-meter and get the following results when testing the power cable from plug to switch (or prior to switch): 20 ohms (approx) for one connection. OL for all other...
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    Quooker push & turn tap

    Anyone have an idea how I open up a Quooker Fusion tap to see why the push and turn is no longer working? I found a video of someone replacing parts inside a standard Quooker tap but not one with the push & turn fitting.
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    Integrated Dishwasher Side Panel/Hinge Replacement

    Hi, I am trying to replace the hinge on a Siemens Integrated Dishwasher and I've got as far as needing to remove the side panels to get at the hinges. These look like they simply clip on and I have released them at the back of the machine. However, they don't seem to want to come off at the...
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    Quooker boiling tap issue

    Hi, any ideas why a Quooker boiling tap might run briefly and then suddenly stop/shut off? It has started doing this since a service and while it does produce boiling water it doesn’t produce much at all and then just stops. After leaving for a while you can then repeat with the same result.
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    Damaged HDMI pin

    Is it possible to fix a damaged HDMI pin? See rightmost pin on HDMI Out in picture which clearly looks damaged or possibly pushed in. I know ports can replaced but are there any easier or even temporary solutions?
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    Hayter H1842 transmission belt replacement

    Hi, I’m trying to replace the transmission belt on a Hayter H1842 lawn tractor (I think this is the same as a Countax 600H) but having problems fitting new belt - see picture. I don’t see how it is possible to get the belt past the (green) metal bar that’s just to the right of the main clutch...
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    Hayter 13/30 ride on lawnmower - linkages

    Hi, I’ve got a Hayter 13/30 lawn tractor and I need a picture of the how the linkages connect to the mower from the carburettor. Can anyone provide a picture of this? It’s got a Briggs Stratton I/C 13Hp engine. Cheers.
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    Fireplace - help identifying material?

    Hi, we are about to do some work on our fireplace but before we do I am trying to identify the material that's been used for the top/roof of the fireplace (around the flue). I have attached a picture in case anyone can tell us what this might be?
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    Petrol strimmer stalls on throttle

    I have an Einhell petrol strimmer which stalls on throttle or even when idling if you move the choke far from the fully on/open position. I have run with new fuel, checked air filter, changed spark plug, checked the fuel tank breather and cleaned the carburetor (although I have not adjusted the...
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    Broken material in road

    Hi, We've noticed a small amount of broken material on the road outside our house which someone suggested might be asbestos cement board. It does look consistent with that but there are only a few small increasingly broken (I assume as cars drive over them) pieces - no more than a beer mats...
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    Tap runs in closed position

    We have a relatively new kitchen mixer tap and the cold tap runs (slightly) in the off position. However, when you move the tap forward slightly (to the just open position) the running water stops. I have tried repositioning the tap head but this simply moves the problem but it is essentially...
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    Oven fan and element not working

    Neither the fan or element are working on our Smeg suk62cmx5. I've removed the element and tested it with a multi-meter and it seemed to be OK although wouldn't guarantee it. The thermostat light does still come on as well - which I believe rules out a thermostat problem. I have replaced the...
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    Hayter H1842 Powered Collector issue

    Long shot but hoping someone can tell me how to get the powered collector (PTO) working on a Hayter H1842. I have connected up the belt from mower to collector but engaging the PTO doesn't appear to do anything. I assume it is meant to start the mower end of the belt drive turning but it...
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    Mower stalls on throttle

    I've inherited a ride on lawnmower but not been able to use it. It starts but as soon as you add some throttle/power it stalls. It will run ok-ish with the throttle in the lowest setting but nothing more. Any ideas on what it could be or what I can check? I have checked fuel is getting to the...
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    We're having some building work done and returning to our house today we found the following piece of material outside (where the builders had been dumping some stuff). This looks like asbestos cement board to me (due to honeycomb pattern) but I don't understand where this can have come...
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    Washing machine waste

    We had some temporary plumbing done for connecting up a washing machine. However, when I now come to install the washing machine I find that the waste pipe to connect up to looks like 18-20mm plastic pipe and I don't know how to connect this to the waste pipe from the machine as this would...
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    Asbestos risk

    We had asbestos cement board (~10% chrysotile) in some outbuildings connecting our house with our garage. Had a few specialists take a look at them and most suggested we got them removed particularly as the outbuilding was directly connected to the house. In the end we decided to go ahead with...
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    Asbestos in gyproc wall/ceiling board?

    As part of DIY project have uncovered some ceiling boards that have white solid but crumbly substance between sheets of brown paper like material. Sheets are marked with gyproc fireproof wall and ceiling board from UK. I appreciate this is probably plasterboard but as the house was built in 1957...