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    Gluing to insulated plasterboard

    What's adhesives can be used to glue to the insulation foam used in insulated plasterboard? I've insulated a small wall which has a small window in, however the insulation board has thus created a small window ledge which i need to cover with something. I was going to just stick a wooden panel...
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    Cutting lead mains pipeI have a leaking stopcock which I need to replace. It's attached to 25mm lead mains pipe which come up vertically. I have a lea

    I have a leaking stopcock which I need to replace. It's attached to 25mm lead mains pipe which come up vertically. I have a lead to copper compression fitting to connect it up. I was about to remove the old fitting, but dont have a spanner big enough for the nut, so I almost took my angle...
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    Soil pipe too far from wall

    I have just removed my old toilet to replace with a new one. The toilet was a u bend one and connected to the cast iron soil pipe which pops up above the floorboards, then goes vertically down 6 inches under th floorboards where it bends 90 degrees and travels horizontally for 2 feet before...
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    How to remove old toilet

    Hello, I need to replace this toilet which appears to be attached to cast iron soil down pipe and encased in some sort of cast iron enclosure where it's connected. Is there a specific way to do this? Should it just be hacked off? See pic
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    Angle grinder to cut taps off?

    Hello, i'm trying to replace the taps on my cast iron bath, which i've had to leave in situ due to the complications of moving it. I've been trying to loosen the back nuts in a very confined space, but they simply wont budge! I then tried hitting the tap on the top side to nudge it into...
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    Connecting basin waste to cast iron pipe

    I have an old cast iron waste pipe, and need to cut it so I can replace my bathroom basin. Can I just use plastic compression fittings to couple plastic pipe with cast iron? The iron pipe looks more like 40mm rather than 32mm.
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    Tiling over old flaky paint

    Hi, i need to hang new batrhoom tiles above my bath to create a tiled shower area. I've replaced a load of blown plaster, but the rest of the wall still has old paint on, much of which is flaky. I've scraped off the loose bits, but do i need to remove it all? I will be tanking the wall anyway.
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    Lightweight tile panels

    Has anyone ever used tile panels instead of ceramic tiles? I'm wondering about using them around s bath, but not sure how good quality there are, or whether they just look a bit naff.
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    Painting over yellowed gloss

    What's the best paint to paint over previously painted white oil gloss paint which has turned yellow? I've done a few skirting boards with a sand then 2 coats of new white gloss, but I'm wondering if the yellow underneath will eventually show through. I'm not bothered about what happens in 5...
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    Insulated plasterboard narrower than recess

    Hi, I am fixing insulated plasterboard to 2 chimney recesses in a bedroom, however the boards (provided at 120cm wide) are about 5cm narrower than the recessed wall, meaning there will be a gap between the board and the chimney breast. The only way around this i can see is to cut the boards...
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    Insulated plasterboard all walls or just external?

    I'm renovating some bedrooms where the plaster has blown - old original cement/plaster over 210 double brick (no cavity). I was originally just going to fix insulated plasterboard over the bits where i've removed the plaster (i.e. chimney recess walls) but since refitting my entire central...
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    Reduce height of ceiling to improve heating

    I have very high ceilings (old victorian property). Can a fake ceiling be added to reduce the overall height and improve insulation? If so, what products would be used? I also have a loft space above which doesnt have a membrane, so despite a lot of insulation up there i could be losing extra...
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    Insulated plasterboard over plaster?

    I've removed a load of old broken plaster back to brick and plan to replace it with kingspan. Can it go over areas of the wall which still have solid plaster on? There is an outside wall where the plaster is still sound which would probably benefit from having additional insulation, and i dont...
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    How to add inhibitor without draining system

    I've just finished fitting some new pipework on my central heating but didn't add any inhibitor. I don't want to drain down again ideally, Can this be added to the expansion tank in the loft, or is there another way?
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    Soldering under floorboards

    I'm replacing some pipework and fittings under the floorboards on my landing. I'm only going to be able to solder from above due to the lack of space, is that going to work? I have the added complication of electrical cables nearby! I'm wondering if speedfit fittings are going to be easier, but...
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    Hanging 42kg radiator

    I have a large k2 rad i need to hang which is 42kg. Is this ok to hang on a single skin brick internal partition wall, or do feet need to be attached to support the weight a bit? All other ones have generally gone on outside walls which is double skin, so i've not been concerned.
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    Large gap above window

    Hello, I had to knock off some blown plaster around a window, although i've discovered a large gap above the window frame. This gap was originally covered by a thin (a few mm) piece of wood nailed into the wooden lintel above it, and then plastered over. God knows how the plaster stayed up so...
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    Render and plaster or dot and dab over internal brickwork?

    Hi, I have had to remove a load of blown plaster, up until now it's been fairly small patches, but i will have an entire recess which will be back to brickwork (see pic). The original render was cement scratch coat followed by the original victorian plaster (with horse hair etc.). The house...
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    Floor levelling 5cm drop

    Hi, i have a conservatory that i want to tile. The base is concrete. There is a drop of 5cm over about 2.4 metres. I see you can get floor leveling compound up to 50mm - does this have to be done in layers or one go?
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    Replacing blown plaster near window

    I have put a request out to replaster my bathroom in particular to replace old blown plaster and scratch coat round the window which has over the years attracted water ingress from leaky window seals etc. One plasterer has suggested using bonding directly onto the brick. Would this be correct...