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    Grit? in cold water supply blocking taps, washer etc

    Any of you plumbers got any thoughts on this please. Brother in law has Worchester heat only boiler, linked to an unvented cylinder. (Centerstore)... was all new in 2013. He was saying the pressure wasn't very good on his taps... it was the cold feed, which I thought doesn't go through the...
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    Cleaned out magnaclean filter water is yellow/greenish

    Thought I'd clean out magnaclean filter on my combo boiler (intergas rapid+ 32Kw) Was a complete new install 3 years ago. The system had inhibitor and from what I remember a biocide for the UFH. There was hardly any crud on the magnet, but the grey strainer was slightly green stained bit like...
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    VW Caddy, limp mode, suspect turbo issues

    A few days ago, whilst accelerating down a slip road on the motorway, there was a small interruption followed by the engine power being greatly reduced, along with this there is a noise similar to a cordless drill when going over 2000rpm. Needless to say I haven't driven it since. It does start...
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    solar powered welding mask, is it working? Newbie question!

    OK, thought I'd have a go at welding after buying a MIG welder from a neighbour. Bought an second hand auto darkening helmet from someone else. The helmet is a solar charging version (spargo) but there is no battery slot, similar to this solar welding mask. Left the unit in the sun for a day...
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    Corner cracks on bungalow, outer skin

    Just wondered if anyone could give me an opinion on these images, regarding the cracks. I'm hoping someone is going to say thermal! Its a mid 80's bungalow, don't think there are cracks visible on inside, but I've not been inside. The run from about 300mm above ground to around 500mm from...
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    Velux window blinds, real ones or compatible?

    I've been ordered to get some blinds for the Velux windows... have seen non genuine and velux ones when I had a quick look... anyone got any comments about either please? TIA Chibs
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    Vaulted ceiling, without purlins, second opinion please

    A friend of mine is adding an extension to his bungalow, he's intending to have a vaulted ceiling on it. The extension projects around 3m from the back of the house, and he/me will be building up a new gable to rest the ridge beam on. The bungalow is 7m wide (approx), and a 30° roof pitch, he...
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    What clear adhesive for camper van bumper crack?

    Can anyone suggest an adhesive for gluing a crack back together on a bumper on a camper van please? I will be fixing some hot staples to the back of the bumper as well, so was just thinking I might glue it as well, to fill the crack. I think the bumper might be ABS (but stand to be corrected)...
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    350mm diamond blade recommendation, brick, pavers etc

    Anyone got any recommendations for a diamond disc blade, I'm after a 350mm diameter with 25.4mm bore. I've only even bought small diameter before. Will be cutting bricks predominantly. TIA
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    Covering tarmac drive, aggregate bonding, tar

    Morning all I have an old tarmac drive that I don't like, it's old, but been laid well, no flaky bits or weeds, but it looks an eye-sore. I'm not keep on the shiny resin drives, but was thinking I could glue/bond some small aggregate to the tarmac and leave it at that. Can anyone suggest a...
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    Tudor boards slight rot at bottom, splice section, what resin/filler?

    I need to repair some Tudor boards, as there is a small amount of rot at the bottom of a couple of boards. I would like to splice in a new section... probably around 100mm tall. Is there some type of filler or resin I could use to glue the new sections in? something waterproof and flexible. I...
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    Enhancing colour of old handmade bricks

    Can anyone recommend a product that will boost the colour of handmade bricks please? I'm laying some halved bricks (cut side up) as a bit of a patio, and would like the colour to be intensified. TIA
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    DIY project - AC Generator 2kw from lawn mower engine

    Is there anyone who could help me with this little project please? Mates allotment has been robbed and their generator (2Kw) has been stolen, which they use to power a water pump from a bore-hole. Turns out they have a lawn mower or rotavator that wasn't taken, presumably due to weight and...
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    Laying bricks on a concrete base, mortar bed or sand?

    I've built a canopy over what used to be a very old garage. I've been left with a sloping (old concrete base) at least 120mm thick. I would like to lay old handmade bricks as a base (maybe herringbone), preferably on top of the concrete. I was wondering if I could lay similar to block paving...
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    Brick/masonry saw cutting bricks in half

    Has anyone got any advice regarding brick saws? I have a large pile of used bricks and would like to have a brick paved base, around the 5 x 3m. Been thinking I could cut the pile in half to double up on the amount of bricks available. Been looking are hiring a proper brick (wet) circular saw...
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    Bungalow extension, ridge beam, matching existing roof line

    Hi all Helping a mate build an extension to his bungalow The bungalow has a trussed roof. The extension (full width) at the back will have vaulted roof and patio/bifold doors overlooking the garden. How do you pro's work out where the ridge beam will sit, so that the extension will have the...
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    Caravan water tap tails, conversion

    Can anyone offer up what connector I need, to connect these new braided tap tails to the current supply pipes pictured? I’m binning a faulty tap and replacing with a normal kitchen tap.
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    Edging quartz worktop - diamond sharpening block

    Evening chaps. I’ve decided to change the top on my kitchen island, and have sourced a slab of quartz that I intend to use. the sides are unfinished... but are smooth and just need polishing. I would like to add a small bevel to the edges, as it’s quite sharp at the moment. I’m sure I...
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    Square bay window, 3 sides, roof restraint straps

    Family member has had approval for fitting a square bay window to their property. They are having a pitched roof on top of the bay (around 1.8m wide and 750mm deep). The window set (2 sides, 1 front) also has what looks like 4mm, aluminium square box tubing inside the corner sections, to be...
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    Crown fastflow quick dry satin... very shiny

    Can any decorator types help me with this please? I’ve been painting a cabinet in Crown fastflow quick dry satin and I’m not that happy with the result. The cabinet is mid century teak veneered, gave it a sanding, clean and two coats of zinsser. Applied two coats of Satin and the finish is...