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    Tyre roadnoise

    Hi folks, though I would run this query here (rather than on a one-make forum) as a wider diversity of car owners would read it. I have an old 5 series BMW (E39) purchased over three years ago & renewed all the tyres, as although a mixture of premium brands they were all very old, partly due to...
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    Trailer security

    Hi folks, thinking of buying a twin-axle trailer which would be stored at a friend's house, as I don't have the room at home. My thoughts have turning to the subject of security & thought I'd ask for ideas on the subject. The trailer would be within sight of the road on a housing estate; my...
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    generator storage

    Just under a year ago I purchased a brand new 3.5kva generator with a view to having an electrician wire it into the home in case of any prolonged power outages in our semi-rural location. Circumstances change however & the geni has remained unused ever since; by that I mean not even had the...
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    Generator exhaust

    Hopefully I've picked the right sub-forum for this enquiry. I am looking to extend the exhaust of my portable generator in order to facilitate housing the machine in the garden shed. The unit is a Champion 73001i-DF with a #88 spark arrester (that the exhaust extension stub will bolt onto) but...
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    Hole maker

    Hi folks, I need to cut a hole 60-70mm dia. in the wall of my concrete shed, so any recommendations for a suitable hole cutter & would a mains powered drill (12mm chuck & hammer action capability) be up to the job of driving it ? Given the my single usage of the tool would it be better/feasible...
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    I know this story is by word-of-mouth not from personal experience, but I thought it worth posting. Apparently a car broke down on a slip road of the A12 in Essex recently & the driver called his son for assistance. The son's arrival on scene happened to coincide with a police traffic unit; the...
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    armchair socket

    Hi all, we have recently purchased a pair of electric reclining armchairs that each have a USB socket close to the control buttons. Stupid question may be, but what sort of device are they designed to power ? There are no clues in the booklet(s) that accompany the chairs. Many thanks for any...
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    CTek charger

    I have done a search, but not quite found the answer I'm seeking. I have purchased a CTEK MXS 5.0 with a view to keeping my 110ah leisure battery at full capacity as it's installed in my home, in conjunction with an inverter, as an off-grid back-up for our heating boiler. I was advised by the...
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    Laptop charging

    Possibly talking out of my ar.. here, but is it possible to obtain a laptop (Acer Aspire 5) charging cable that will facilitate charging the device from the USB port in my leccy reclining armchair ? The laptop only appears to have a 'jack' type means of charging from the manuf. mains powered...
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    fuel mileage

    Ok so we've had E10 at the pumps in the UK for a few weeks now, so have the predictions about reduced performance & increased fuel consumption come true?
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    Garage forecourts

    Anyone got any idea why filling station forecourts seem to be closed for 'updates' with surprising regularity ? According to the Petrol Retailers Assoc. these businesses are struggling to make ends meet, with supermarket fuel outlets claiming they only sell the products as a 'loss leader' Two of...
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    Earth needed?

    Not being a 'sparks' I'm puzzled by the fact that 13a sockets (surface or flush fitting) still have earth connections when virtually everything UK electrical these days only has twin core cable. The weatherproof socket I'm about to install on the outside wall of our park home, wired into a...
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    grease substitute

    Hi folks, this is going to sound a bit unusual, but can anyone suggest a substance that will mix/blend with water pump grease with a view to increasing the WP greases' consistency? Having really purchased the product from Castrol I find that it is now much less viscous than it used to be.
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    Phev batteries

    I've always been a fan of larger cars, currently owning an old 4x4 V8 & a straight 6 saloon as a daily. However we are both retired now, our annual mileage is low (7k miles pre. pandemic restrictions) more like 3k now & the majority of journeys can be less than 5 miles (one way) I have been...
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    wind power

    Hi folks, yes I have scanned the search facility but the posts appear to concern the large versions of wind power. What I'm seeking is a small lantern style wind generator (AC current) just to provide 150w for powering a battery charger for my leisure batteries. I was considering solar, but...
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    It's been a few months since I posted on the subject of running a combi boiler off-grid & although the advice gratefully received didn't solve the problem I thought I would re-visit the situation with an update. To refresh memories ... just connecting the inverter to the boiler resulting in the...
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    Done a bit of browsing on the 'net about this, but there is conflicting info. between web sites. Am I right in assuming that the new number plate regs. applicable from Sept. this year do not apply to vehicles currently displaying EU GB (the circle of yellow stars) providing those vehicles do...
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    Don't know if anyone has given this a thought, but assuming the pump price remains the same it means we are now having to pay the same amount of tax (fuel duty + vat) per litre when 10% of the stuff is not even petrol o_O
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    screen cleaner

    Searching on here results in advice re. cleaning the outside of windscreens, but I'm unable to find anything for the inside. Using one of these micropore pads on a stick/handle I've tried plain water, rubbing alcohol or a white vinegar/water mix, but still cannot avoid streaks. Perhaps a mixture...
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    'wheel discolouration

    Hi folks Driving our car & facing bright sunlight yesterday I noticed that the top segment of the black leather covered steering wheel had several areas of grey discolouration. Whether this is simply a build up of natural grease from the hands of drivers over the past 23yrs. & 154K miles or...