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    Fuzzy pics from DIYNOT

    Would it be worth investigating why DIYNOT posted pics can appear fuzzy on my monitor? They often clear up and clarify in hours . I have W7 on a powerful modern PC and monitor.
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    to drpepe

    stuart45 gave the answer to your difficulties: use a sand and lime render to 300mm above the signs of damp. Remove skirtings before knocking off the damp plaster. You've not responded with answers so its difficult to advise you further. But if you suspect that damp is penetrating behind the...
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    to the mods

    1. How come my archive/list of previous posts wont leave page 1? When i click next post or post number 2 it reports an error. This has happened before. 2. When i sign in to expand a pic or diagram on a thread how come i then have to sign in a second time to write a reply to a thread? In other...
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    can a mobile phone text contain a "virus"?

    Can a mobile phone text contain a virus or malware etc? I opened a very convincing text message on my mobile phone and it turned into a rambling scam about "Hetty's funeral & how i will be rewarded for all my good works with hetty" Another of these texts arrived but i didn't open the next...
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    Whats happening on yahoo email?

    What is happening on yahoo email? When i go to access my yahoo email a new page flips up asking me if i want to open a yahoo account. I've been told to use the "skip this" option but there is no skip this or similar on the page that comes up.
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    A close run thing

    I'm not a DIY'er & it wasn't a disaster but it was a close run thing: A hillside timber frame house projecting out at the back over a steep slope. I left some guys cutting out water damage and termite destruction to part of the rear supporting knee wall and bathroom floor. I went to pick...
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    House collapse in Ashton Under Lyne

    There's a video and news reports of a house collapse in Ashton Under Lyne in todays newspapers and on youtube. The newspaper reports are rubbish: "an engineer ( a guy up a cherry picker) removed only one brick (the idiot was banging away with a pry bar) and the house collapsed" The reality...
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    Are there two systems, one in the USA and one UK for USB's?

    Will a Flash drive USB "pre-loaded" in the USA operate in the UK? In other words, are there two systems for USB's? I remember that some years ago, CD's, and maybe DVD's, required certain compatible computers in Europe and N. America.