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    DHW thru a towel warmer.

    A customer, with unvented hot cylinder, has asked if it is possible to run the hot supply to a shower via a towel warmer so as to provide a small amount of heat to it while showering. Obviously in theory this is possible but ignoring the fact that the water will have cooled down somewhat by the...
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    Electric boilers

    Can anybody carry out a straight swap of an electric system boiler? Or is a 'P' required?
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    Soffit ventilation installation.

    Hi I need to install the required 25mm continuous gap in a soffit to ventilate a dormered loft conversion roof. All internal insulation/ventilation requirements are met, as are those in the ridge and flat dormer roof soffit. My builder suggested an installation that would require replacement...
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    Boiler gas usage

    My folks moved into a bungalow a year ago having lived in a large house for the previous 25 years. This bungalow is cavity and loft insulated and is heated by a potterton Profile 60EL (17.6Kw) non condensing boiler which is about 7 years old (? possibly less) via 8 rads. The boiler was serviced...
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    Roof ventilation

    Scenario: Flat roof dormer in pitched roof loft conversion, build finished within the last month. Could someone please confirm that if an equivalent 25mm continuous vent gap is required in the soffit of a flat roof by the building regs then this equivalent gap must also exist in the noggings...
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    Newbie saying hello!!

    Hello :D