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    Adding a radiator to an existing system

    We had a kitchen extension added to the house 2ish years ago, as we had electric underfloor heating before we asked for this, currently no idea what the spec is as I can't find the paperwork but it's not upto Heating the area. The kitchen is 6x4 mtrs with a vaulted ceiling of approx 2.75mtrs...
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    Purlin removal

    Pics to follow We had a extension, which included a new loft butting up to the old loft, currently there is no access between them as there is a purlin, membrane and rafters in the way, the tiles have been removed Correct me if I'm wrong, the wife would, the rafters are only there to support...
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    Ideal Logic 30 combi - not switching on

    Morning Whave a ideal logic combi 30, tried to fire it up yesterday to no avail, this morning things I have checked: Pressure nearer 2bar than 1.5 Salus rt500rf is reciving the wireless signal and showing the green light, also using a multi meter on the thermostat wires shows continuinty. I...
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    Built in wardrobe sorage solutions

    The master suite(get told off if I call it anything else) has two areas facing each other of 150cm wide,70cm deep and about 2+mtr tall we had sharps round for a quote/laugh and the 3.5k to 5k was a bit above budget. we are looking at pull down rails at the top, possibly trouser...
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    Block and beam floor- insulate underneath

    Our kitchen extenstion has a room underneath it as the garden is about 9-10ft below back door height and we built up from ground level. The floor is block and beam, am I correct in thinking I can use 50mm celotex etc inbetween the beams and attached to the blocks by low expand foam stuff then...
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    Extenstion - bedroom over garage floor/ceiling insulation

    Our master suite(offical title) is currently not in use but the plan is to start using next month. The garage and master is all new build What insulation can I use under the floorboards? I would like some expanded urethaine type stuff Then I'm assuming fire resistant plasterboard, poss 2 layers...
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    Render advice-1930's semi +new extenstion

    Our solid wall possibly lime motar 1930 semi is currently having a large extenstion added to the back and side, the new bit is concrete block external, insulatiin and thermalite internal. My wife has seen a colour render she likes So far I have found K rend in granite which I think is about the...
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    Childs bed- tough paint required

    As we can`t find the correct shade bed for my 7(and a half) year old, we are getting a plain, unpainted one, what type of paint would be best for this I`m assuming the manufactures spray the wood Ta Ray
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    Underfloor insulated, still draughty

    We have a 1930`s solid brick wall house that is on a hill, the front of the house is level with the road out front and the ground level of the garden is about 10ft below the back door, so we have a large void under the house. I have fitted 100mm of solid urethane type insulation under the...
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    Underfloor insulated-still draughty-Membrain or building pap

    Hi, I have a 1930`s semi that is built up so has a 7-12 ft gap under the floorboards I have put about 100mm of expanded urethane board cut to fit inbetween the joists but the house is still draughty in places, would I be able to cover the area below the insulation wit building paper or a...
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    Octagonal window fitted-sill advice

    As per title I fitted a octagonal window yesterday and now I am stumped as to what to do internally. Each edge is just under 29(11.5inch)mm and the window is set back just over 15mm(6inch) If I get some were local to cut the wood/upvc for me what angle would I ask for? Cheers Ray
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    Extention-timber frame with brick outer

    Where should I look to research the vialibility of a internal timber frame extention with brick face outer? also can it be built onto a sold wall 1930`s house? Cheers Ray Btw, I`m on nights so wont be responding till later-a lot later(just so dont think i`m rude)
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    Central heating losing pressure- relief valve?

    Work up this morning to zero pressure water in the boiler, I think i have a sticking relief valve. are these easy to strip and clean and rebuild? It looks almost accessiable, any thing to watch out for? do they have easily available seals inside? I`m at work so no boiler name and number...
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    Insulating a roof-Warm roof?

    A. Can I fill the space in between the rafters in the loft with celotex type foam sheeting? B. Or would it have to be fixed to the inside of the rafters allowing for air flow? If B would i need to put a membrain behind the celotex? This would then have vaporlock plasterboard on it. Am...
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    1984 Apollo 15/30b boiler-replace with ?

    This is a boiler that was commissioned in 1984,its still working but probably not the most most efficient, what would fit that is going to take the same space? Its fitted in a 60cm wide cupboard. any thing else i should consider? its still working but probably not for much longer Thanks Ray
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    vphase-ripoff or worth it

    This was in the times today . they claim that by keeping your voltage down to 220v it will save 17% of the energy you use. True or false? last time i measured ours we had 249v, so would reducing this to 220v work? Btw Its £299 inc vat. Ta Ray
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    Toilet not flushing

    Hi, We have a tywford lowlevel cistern with a tywford o2 flush? Its only flushing if the handle is depressed a number of times-like you are building up pressure- to repair do i have to remove the cistern or is the internals removable without? Any ideas what it could be? Ta Ray
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    Why dose this happen? tumble dryer/rcd question

    When I moved our tumble dryer to the understairs cupboard and plugged it in, it ran for a few secs then tripped the rcd-on the cu. It was quite happy on the garage circit, so i connected it back to that with the same result. when this happened in another house i was advised to move the...
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    Veg etc this weekend-what can i still plant?

    Having now got to grips with the moss(i hope) i`m looking to plant some toms near the house in growbags(cheating?) poss some lettice. what can i buy as small plants as its too late to germinate seeds? I`m a newby at this lark so no long words ta Ray :oops:
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    Mossy grass-repair or replace?

    We have just moved into a house with a large(30ftx75ft) garden. it has lots of moss-one patch i sprayed with liquid moss killer(3yr old calls it garden killer) and after raking it was just dirt so i re-seeded and i am waiting!!!!. is what i am doing correct or should i rotovate the whole...