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    Over door canopy advice

    Bump. Any experience with Palram door canopies?
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    Over door canopy advice

    I have a set of French double doors that open up at the rear of my property which are currently exposed to weather. I plan to install a modern door canopy as per the enclosed photo examples. I am considering purchasing the canopy from a manufacturer called Palram who widely distribute the...
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    "Facility Code" Honeywell Galaxy Flex DCM

    Honeywell probably works under the assumption the majority purchase wiegand card readers with a "fixed" facility code rather than passing through the facility code and allowing the panel to authorise it.
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    "Facility Code" Honeywell Galaxy Flex DCM

    @GalaxyGuy yes I have the same screen in RSS however it remains greyed out even with the DCM online. That said, this configuration option is only to modify the card bit string format and there is no actual field to enter the facility code number itself. An old Honeywell technical bulletin for...
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    "Facility Code" Honeywell Galaxy Flex DCM

    It seems rather odd this feature is not supported in a security panel that supports access control. I will try programming the facility code directly into the HID reader using the integrated keypad. Extract from the HID application notes; Or alternatively I will add dual authorisation with a...
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    "Facility Code" Honeywell Galaxy Flex DCM

    @GalaxyGuy have you ever programmed a "facility code" into a Honeywell Galaxy Flex panel with a DCM module and HID iClass reader? Can't seem to find an option for configuring it anywhere.
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    Honeywell TouchCenter Plus camera support?

    Using ONVIF/RTSP is possible, however somewhat limited due to the number of characters (23) that can be entered into the address field. For example; rtsp:// is just too long to fit. Oddly when using Honeywell cameras...
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    Galaxy Flex and GX Remote

    IP/Port: The server address can be viewed in the Manage Service option under the Push Notifications menu.
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    MK Essentials vs. MK Logic Plus

    Hi, I am about to replace all my power socket outlets and wall light switches with MK, a well known and trusted brand. I was about to purchase from the long established MK Logic Plus range, though browsing the recent Screwfix catalogue I noticed a new range called MK Essentials which is marketed...
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    Honeywell 'GX Remote Control' app missing from Google Play

    After some delay, I am pleased to report that Honeywell have published the Android GX Remote Control mobile application on Google Play with the push notification fix. Sadly no new application features from the previous version.
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    TCC800M TCC800MS rf remote with Honeywell galaxy

    I am using TCC800MS fobs marketed as Evohome on a Galaxy Flex panel, therefore I would also assume they work on G2. I did have some trouble with the fob learning initially, but once set to Alpha protocol it worked after that.
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    Galaxy flex GX remote app

    I confirm my push notifications have now stopped on all Android devices. IOS push notifications unaffected. The Honeywell receiver IP address ( replies to PING and the port (10000) is open. I am speculating that Google is not forwarding the push notifications and it's related to...
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    Honeywell 'GX Remote Control' app missing from Google Play

    @GalaxyGuy thanks, that would explain the disappearance. Good to know it's still being maintained.
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    Honeywell 'GX Remote Control' app missing from Google Play

    @GalaxyGuy fortunately I have a copy of the APK, but do you know why the app was pulled? I'd like to think that Honeywell are continuing to maintain it.
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    Honeywell 'GX Remote Control' app missing from Google Play

    It seems that Honeywell has recently pulled the GX Remote Control Android mobile application from Google Play, interestingly the iTunes store version remains online. Does anyone have any information or knowledge of why the Android version has been removed?
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    What is the power rating of this MK cooker outlet?

    Thank you for replying and sharing this information, it's much appreciated.
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    What is the power rating of this MK cooker outlet?

    Hi, I am looking to replace my kitchen cooker (it's about 40 years old) with a modern equivalent though I want to confirm the cooker power outlet is suitable. Please find enclosed photos of the MK outlet. The fuse box is unlabelled therefore I was unable to identify the fuse rating. I assume...
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    Honeywell Galaxy Flex

    Issue #2 is a bug in the panel firmware. Honeywell have made significant improvements to handle weak GSM signals which are typically reported as "Fault Line Fail Com5". This fix was introduced in V3.39, release notes enclosed. Changes between V3.38 and V3.39: ###################################...
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    Galaxy flex 20 v3 SMS user notification

    I previously had the same problem and the solution is to manually enter the SMS message centre number. Like you I thought the panel shown retrieve the centre number automatically like any other GSM device. For reference here is the list of UK message centre numbers. O2 (Was BT Cellnet / Genie...