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    Renault Megane Estate Sport 55 plate

    Kerbside front spring dropped and pierced the tyre. What do you think this would cost to repair (roughly). Any advice would be appreciated also on how to carry out this repair myself.
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    Job evaluation for our trade at work soon

    Trying to compile a list of usual technospeak b/s for the bosses for the main attributes/skills of a gas engineer for a forthcoming job evaluation. Ive got a few written down, working to standards, health and safety etc but im trying to get as many as possible, any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    glowworm energysaver combi, gc, 47-047-01

    toiling with this one,no power on display, 230v on x1-1 and x1-2 at 5 pin connector, both fuses i can see are ok, not sure how this boiler actually operates, where does the pcb get power from, is it the pcb interface x7, and do you still get parts for this boiler.
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    ford fiesta x reg 1.25, year 2000

    air bag light on, how do i reset without taking to garage
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    pump valve tool

    where can i purchase a tool for taking off old pump valves, dont like using grips on these and im sure there are proper fixed 52mm spanner like tools that fit these, cheers
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    baxi solo 3 40pf

    Boiler sitting idle when heating/dhw called for. Pilot light led alight but pilot not lit. Getting 47 v at common on air pressure switch. Linked out air pressure switch , common and nc ,and boiler fires and runs ok. Went back today with switch but exactly the same thing happening. Any ideas...
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    vokera maxin 24e

    Diagnosed faulty dhw microswitch and the front seal part which caused a leak into the switch in the first place. Anybody know the part no,s for these parts and price, does seal come seperate or part of service kit, cheers guys
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    05 renault megane estate

    service and airbag lights illuminated. Are there any checks i can do before i take it to a garage and is this a common problem on these cars.
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    vokera syntesi

    can an intermittent 08 fault be caused by a partially blocked venturi instead of the obvious burner stat, i have heard some fellow engineers discuss this at work
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    baxi combi 105e

    what way does the dimples in the ch diaphragm point, upward toward the microswitch i presume. Also, the small impulse pipe that meets the ch flow switch at the back, can that be cleaned out with a small piece of wire or do you have to take it out completely, not good access to sides of boiler...
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    risk assessment

    Found an ideal classic ff350 boiler only 200mm horizontally away from an openable window. In the absence of man inst i went with the usual 300mm so i did a risk assessment with my flue analyser and found no spillage or pocs entering property. I then made this ntcs on the certificate, do you...
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    Insurance query

    Im going to SORN my car at the moment and am fully insured on that car but am a named driver on my wifes car which is fully comp also. I was wondering what happens to my no claims bonus if i am not going to be insuring a car in my own right for a few years, do they carry on when you are a...
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    Got an interview at the end of this week with another company, gas work of course. Out of the habit of these things, what good questions could i ask the interviewer regarding the company to look keen but not too keen. Also, any advice regarding the usual questions i ll be asked would be...
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    blow off pipe

    Cant find rules/regulations/bylaws regarding this, could you point me in the right direction regarding this, also, do you guys personally record a problem with this,ie blow off not returned to wall, when you re completeing a landlords certificate. Got myself into another argument at work, lost...
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    british gas query/argument

    was having argument with engineer from our company. This was based on the services they do or used to do, where if they only gas rated the boiler, and never touched the gas supply,/they never did or had to do a tightness test. Any old /new bg engineers shed some light on this.
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    when i was reversing my car inside a mechanics garage today i rubbed bumpers with another car marginally scratching their colour coded bumper. If the owner decides that they want to pursue this, who is liable, myself or the garage, only superficial damage done, took photos on my phone so...
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    renault megane estate 05

    how do i switch off or reset the service indicator on this car, cheers
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    vokera linea 730

    At a breakdown today,discovered loose connection on dhw thermistor,seems to be alright on the pcb but when touching the red wires up near the thermistor it goes to 06 fault code. Its not the thermistor as changed anyway.It seems like i will need the wiring harness, just wondering if anyone has...
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    heatrae megaflo cylinders

    guys, could you give me the link to a site where i can peruse manufacturers instructions for these, cheers
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    flavel misermatic fire

    customer had inherited this fire, prob only 2 years old, and i went to service it. No man instructions available so serviced to british standards. What i did notice was that there was no air relief holes in the closure plate, (seemed to be the correct plate for fire) and it toiled to pass both...