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    Beko WTL82051 washing machine not getting up to temperature on 60c

    I have had this Beko WTL82051 machine for about 3 months. The problem is that it doesn't get hot enough on the 60deg programme. From new I have noticed that on the 60deg cotton programme after the heater has cut out by monitoring the wattage on my smart electric meter and placing the palm of...
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    Worcester Heatslave 11 oil boiler adding inhibitor to system

    I had this oil boiler fitted last year and on returning from a holiday switching on the central heating for the first time over the summer last week I noticed one of the radiators needed bleeding. I bled it but being very tired I didn't tighten the bleed valve sufficiently and some water leaked...
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    Worcerster Heatslave II oil boiler lockout

    This was installed new in August Its been working well but then I got this lockout code FO263 I tried pressing reset button but it didn't help so I turned the power off to the boiler for a few minutes then back on again and now I just have 2 short horizontal lines in the display. The...
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    How to competely switch off DHW on Worcester Heatslave II oil

    gjf60 New Member I have recently had a Worcester Heatslave II 18/25 combi installed in my kitchen After installation I told the installer I don't use the hot water and how to turn it off to save energy. He said just put it into Eco mode but not to turn down the DHW temperature on the boiler. I...
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    Beko frost free fridge freezer not freezing

    I have a Beko CF5533 frost free fridge freezer about 5.5 years old. The other day I noticed the noise from the fan in the freezer was slightly different but it was not blocked and later the food in my freezer was soft. It was running at about -5c The fridge at 4c about normal. It seemed...
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    Removing old wall thermostat

    I have a Micro Genius HE 24 boiler fitted with a Danfoss wall thermostat. The mechanical boiler clock no longer works so I plan to replace the stat with a new prog digital stat such as the Honeywell CM901. The problem is I cant get the old Danfoss stat off the wall. The dial can be easily...
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    Lec Fridge Freezer fan on constantly

    I have a 5 year old Lec TF5586W fridge freezer and the fan is on constantly and the temp in the fridge only goes down to about 10C even when turned up full but it freezes OK. This condition was noticed after it had been moved into the other room and back after a new kitchen was fitted. I can do...
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    Ariston Micro Genius HE24

    My Mothers boiler seems to work OK apart from the mechanical clock which has started malfunctioning. I set the correct time and when I look at it a few days later it can be a few hours out. Its 5 years old, any suggestions on DIY.
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    Tricity Bendix washing machine diagnostic

    I have a Tricity Bendix AW1201 and for the second time in 3 years its not getting up to temperature. I had the heater/thermostat replaced and I think its gone again. Does anyone know how to put it into diagnostic and the fault codes. I saw the service engineer do this when he came by rotating...