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    Boiler mfrs wireless roomstat?

    Just wondering if anyone would use a manufacturers wireless roomstat over a third party model. I had a main eco elite combi installed yesterday and I'm thinking now of a wireless roomstat as the daft bugger heating engineer forgot to put the 24hr mech timer in. I didn't complain and make him...
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    Old combi scrap value

    Just wondering what you might get if you weighed your old combi in. Just thinking it'll help pay for an rf room stat on a new boiler
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    Best long term cleaner/inhibitor

    I'm just after a little advice on inhibitors. Are there any better than others. I've looked at the sentinel x100 and x200. I know a new system shouldn't be noisy but if it has all of the benefits of x100 plus more without any negatives then it might be something I consider. The like of...
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    Combi boiler replacement

    Sorry to post again but my previous post regarding combi boiler recommendations was hijacked by people arguing with joe90 I'm after a budget boiler as I'm moving I'm the next few years but have taken some tips from the forum into consideration, for example a stainless primary heat exchanger...
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    Main Eco elite heat excahnger

    Morning all, I'd like to know if the plate heat exchanger on the main Eco elite 25 combi is stainless steel or not. I'm in the market for a budget boiler for my 2up 2down mid terrace and after reading on the forum about things to look out for I can't find this out from the info provided for...
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    Can a 3 way valve be stuck in neutral?

    Sorry if this is long winded. I have other posts about a problem with my britony combi 80 and since I'm Still waiting for my heating engineer to turn return I though I'd fault find. I won't replace any parts myself but if I can tell him what to look at it might give him a kick up the butt...
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    Will an 8 Ltr expansion vessel do (with video)

    I'm just wondering in an 8 Ltr external expansion vessel would be up to the job if the original expansion vessel was isolated. As per my other post, After a heating engineer installed the external expansion vessel and pump i get a huge gurgling noise every so often where the pressure bounces...
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    Boiler gargling noise

    Hi all Last week I had a heating engineer out to sort a pressure problem. He added an external expansion vessel to the ch return and then a replacement water pump. Every now and again as the boiler fires up the pressure gauge flickers and then a huge gargling noise comes from the boiler...
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    Reliable budget combi advice

    Hi everyone. I think I'm finally at the end of my tether with my boiler so I'm looking for advice on a budget combi boiler. My current boiler - britony combi 80 is rated at 11l/m I've heard Main boilers are worth the money, and that they use Worcester parts. Whether that is true or not I...
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    Britony combi noise and pressure

    Hi everyone, Up until 8 am this morning my boiler was working great, but after I opened up the kitchen tap this morning boiler started making a huge knocking noise and groaning loudly. The water never heated up but the boiler cut itself out. I asked the wife to run the tap while I watched...
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    New regulator PCB

    I've had a heating engineer out today to replace the regulator pcb after he identified that was the reason I wasn't getting power to the 2/3 gas valve of c&m britony combi 80 which meant the heating worked but took its time and only a trick of hot water from dhw. The pcb wash changed and this...
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    Main burner c&m britony

    I'm after a little advice about my c&m boiler. The heating works and the radiators get hot, but not very quick and only the stage one burner is running. The hot water is non existent until the tap is set to trickle. After taking the front off the boiler I've noticed the main/full burner isn't...
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    C&m britony water governer location

    Hi I'm needing help locating the water governer on a chaffoteaux britony combi 80. As per my other thread I've tried a number of other parts trying to solve the dhw problem and it mentions this part. I would have got a heating engineer out but I've replaced all parts for a fraction of the...
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    Dhw problem

    Hi everyone, im new to the forum but in need of urgent help i have a boiler problem where the heating works very well but the hot water is cooler the higher you have the tap turned on. For it to be hot enough for a shower it only trickles out of the shower head. The 3 way diverter and dhw...