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    Have I been Conned ?

    Had a Worcester and Bosch Greenstar might have been a 24 or 28 The Boiler was about 14 years old and not coping to well. Sprung a leak about a month ago. Had a Guy come round last week to have a look. Pulled off the front and located the leak coming from behind the Pump little plastic chamber...
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    Worcester Bosch Greenstar 28i. Problems

    Hi Our boiler which us around 13 years old seems to have developed a problem. When the CH is on the Boiler fires for about 10 seconds then goes off. After 30seconds or so it repeats the 10 second thing then goes off after doing this a couple of times, the reset light cones on. If I push the...
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    Sound Proofing

    Hi Have a cupboard under the stairs I would like to sound proof. It's not that large maybe about 8 X 10 feet with a sloping ceiling. The reason I want to soundproof is the upstairs flat entrance and stairs run above the cupboard. The people upstairs especially the children tend to slam their...
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    Heating Engineer in the Glasgow area

    Hi Have been out of the Country for the past couple of years. Back now and have bought a small apartment which has a fairly new Combi Boiler installed. Would like to have it serviced before the winter weather starts. Does anyone know of a reliable Heating Engineer in the west of Glasgow ? Thanks Ian
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    Looking for Local Gas Engineer Glasgow area

    Hi I'm in the Knightswood area of Glasgow can anyone recommend a Local engineer to service a Vokera Unica HE also Baxi Bermuda Gas Fire. We had the Vokera installed last April it's running Ok. but sometimes notice the Hot Water temp is a bit lower than usual. Don't know if a service might...