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    Suggestions on replacement for an Elson Coral

    Hi Guys I need to replace a 210l Elson Coral E and would like to hear some suggestions please. 4th floor apartment 1.75 bar pressure 19 l min flow Electric only Off peak plus Boost Copper discharge pipe 28mm in place I am thinking either unvented or thermal store such as Gledhill...
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    Urgently needed 450mm inspection chamber 160mm inlet/outlet

    Hi guys the title says it all. Need one for monday, I have tried Drain center but they are asking silly money. I am based in Greenwich south east london, I can travel if needed. Much obliged Pete
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    Underground pvc to clay chamber advice please

    Hi Guys I need some advice please on underground drainage which I very rarely get invloved in. I need to spec for a 100mm pvc soil pipe to connect into a 200mm clay sewer on a swept t junction with a inspection chamber The depth of the clay pipe is approx 1200mm and is a combined waste...
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    2 channell timer purely for hot water

    Hi guys I am trying to source a 2 channell timer to control 2 hot water cylinders. Ideally I am after one which has a display Hot water 1 and Hot water 2. Do you know of any or are there any timers which you can type in a name for each channel? Thanks Pete
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    Confirmation please

    Hi Guys Have I got it right by saying if I fit a programmable thermostat to an open vented y plan system I just keep the main programmer on constant heating mode? I need to keep the existing programmer to control the hot water. Thanks Pete
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    Under floor heating control programmer burnt out

    A client who I am working for has a problem with her electric underfloor heating about 20msq under travertine marble in a basement kitchen. After the cold weather last week she returned to her house to find the programmer had burnt out internally with carbon staining all over the pcb. The...
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    Worcestor 24i Junior erratic fan

    Hi Guys Had a RGE out this evening but he left advising me I may need a new PCB. Symptoms The fan may or not may come on by itself when it does or is pushed by blowing on the APS tube the flame starts up nicely and burns correctly for about 30 seconds. The flame then begins to get larger...
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    Cable size for garden shed

    Hi guys I need to supply power to my shed about 25m from my house. I would be using upto 5kw. 3 1.5KW immersion heaters and lights I was thinking of 4mm sva and would like your kind advice please. Thanks Pete
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    HWC Tappings

    Just purchased an indirect cylinder to replace an existing cylinder. The new cylinder has 5 tappings, the one I am not familiar with is on the side about 2/3rds of the way up. It has a female thread. Any ideas as to what it is used for? My best guess so far is an additional draw off point...
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    2 Shower pumps one cylinder

    Hi Guys Need some advice please. Job I am doing next week entails adding on a shower room with a thermo valve from a gravity hwc. The current setup has a thermo valve with a pump from the cylinder. Is it possible to run the 2 showers from one pump or can I install 2 pumps? Not sure of the...
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    Dimmer keeps dimming

    Hi guys I fitted a dimmer switch to my bedroom which shares a common feed from the bedroom next door. When I turn the dimmer on it works fine however when someone turns the switch on for the bedroom next door it causes the dimmer to drop down in light and has to be turned on and off to reset...
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    Fascia board plastic covering

    Hi Guys Just installed some soffit and fascia boards which were given to me by a mate who had them left over from his extension some 2 years ago. I am having real problems peeling of the protective covering plastic as it should have only been on for a few months. I have tried using a...
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    WC spigot connection

    Hi Guys Have a problem with a wc which has a deformed spigot and so will not seal on the usual multiqwick. The diameter is about 97mm and the deformity is a lip/ridge on the lower part of the spigot. Apart from toss it away/replace it any ideas how I could get a good seal on this thing. I...
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    Dimmer with fuse plate switch

    Hi Guys Is there a switch plate with a dimmer and fuse I can purchase? The set up currently is a single switch which has a led fuse on it controlling lights and an extractor fan with timer. Can I put a dimmer on it and internally wire the constant live to the fan with an inline fuse? Pete
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    Radial or Ring

    Hi guys I am having a kitchen extension built and would like to know if a radial socket circuit is suffice for building regs? 8 metres long 2.5mm with 4 double sockets. Thanks Pete
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    Corgi membership

    Hi guys have a query re registration/membership. I installed a bathroom last year for a client who asked me about replacing her boiler. I advised finding a local corgi registered installer. I was back in this week to install a cloakroom suite when she explained the problems she was having...
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    When do I call in the sparky

    Hi Guys I am building my kitchen extension and would like some advice please as to what stage I need to call in a part p sparky. I have theramalite block walls, roof with insulation between joists and the floor screeded. My next job is is to insulate the walls with pir 5Omm boards. Do I need...
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    Pitch roof insulation

    Hi Guys Could anyone tell me what distance I go with my roof insulation to the wall plate. I am using pir boards so should I fill the eaves area with mineral wool?? Any thoughts please Thanks Pete
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    Cutting plastic bath panel

    Hi Guys Any thoughts on how best to cut a plastic bath panel I need to trim off 15mm one end. Jigsaw, hacksaw, stanley blade, laser beam? Pete
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    Hansgrohe IBOX

    Has any one had problems with the flow rate from the ibox system. I have piped up 22mm feeds and outlets and find the flow is not as good as expected. The water channels in the ibox are quite small about 12mm so is this norm from this system? Pete