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    Small amount of water getting through brick in garage

    Hi all, I have a single skin attached brick garage. The bricks are not engineering and I believe are called Tudor bricks. After prolonged rainfall I get damp across the foot of one exposed wall. It never puddles, it's just damp and I believe it is permiating through the poruous brick. It is...
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    BT socket in the way

    Hi folks, Hope there is someone out there who can help. I live in a mid 80's semi and the main BT line comes in underground and the first I see of it is behind a master socket in the hall. The incoming wire for it dissappears into the plaster/wall. Im planning a porch/downstairs wc extension...
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    Will this divertor kit fit this boiler? (Baxi 105 Instant e)

    Hi folks, been a while since Ive been on here but still keeping busy. Quick question, Im faced with a Baxi 105 Instant e that is leaking from the diverotr spindle (that sits under the clip on motor) Ive fitted a number of these kits to Glowworms, Saunier Duvals, and Ideals- The...
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    One for the Baxi boys.......

    Platinum 33HE with intermittant E131 code. Code not in the destructions. It is under Warrenty ( I installed new system about 3 weeks ago) but the house is currently empty and being renovated so someone is not always there to let anyone in. I will get heat team out soon but just curious as...
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    Devimat heating

    I have Warmup underfloor heating in my own house and am ok with setting this etc. I turned off the 'optimum start' feature on my warmup as i wanted it to come on at 4pm and not be warm for 4pm. Is it possible to turn this feature off on the Devi system. My mum and dad have just had...
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    Palm tree care

    Hello, i Have just purchased 2 x Date palms both about 180cm in height. i plan on putting them in a large ceramic containers and they will sit in the sunshine on my decking. What soil is best to put in the containers and any tips on giving them the best possible start in their new 'home'...
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    Patio maintanace advice

    Hi guys! Just pressure washer my patio (i belive it is Bradstone Old Riven) which is aprrox 3 years old. I used a reasonable pressure washer but no chemicals at all, just water. On the whole it has come up suprisingly well but there are one or two areas that I cannot get clean. The...
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    Stange problem with an Ecomax

    I know there are few Vaillant buffs on here so here goes! Ecomax 824/2E with 340f wireless kit DHW fine Heating get only to 52 degrees even with boiler set to 82. If you press the manual/override button on the integral reciever, heating will fire up and reach 82 if required. The...
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    YOu said you were looking for a picture of the inside of a DuoTec. This is the Potty Gold........same boiler
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    Evo warranty

    Anyone know how long the warranty is on an Evo installed on 11th November 2006?? Ideal are saying 12 months and a customer is saying 2 years. Ideal say the warranty changed in April 2006 to 1 year. Anyone can clarify it would be much appreciated!
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    Plumbcenter Evo/Ideal isar

    Are they exactly the same?? More importantly do they go on the same jig? Anyone know?
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    Trac Pipe

    Anybody used a big 5 floor system to put in and getting the gas to the boiler where i want it is going to be a nightmare to say the least. Ive seen trac pipe only once and wondered what peoples opinions of it are.
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    Where can I get?

    Any Ideas folks where I can get a Temp and Pressure relief valve for an old IMI tribune cylinder (DN 55 85 degrees/4.5 bar) and a DN 15, 4 bar pressure relief valve. My usuall supplier knows not of it. Any help much appreciated.
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    BES merchants.

    I had a job today to replace a knackered divertor valve on a ravenheat. My usuall supplier was out of stock (and charge £64 ex VAT) for a Gianoni valve. I went to BES who delivered one the next day for £34 inc VAT and delivery (cust bought direct). The part that came ive never seen...
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    Profile 100e

    Capped off a Profile today due to explosive ignition. BG have been out to it, its had a new Gas valve , new PBC and new pilot assy, The pressures are bang on. Cust lost rag with BG and called me. Im suspecting the new gas valve thats een fitted s knackeded. Anyone had this before on this boiler??