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    Hi can someone send a link again for a compatible saniflo again. Thanks
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    Fridge freezer high temperature

    Hi I have beko asd241s with fault. High temperature warning light. Flashing 22 / 0 The fridge and freezer is just warm. I have turned power off for 48 hours and still the same leaving on for 6 hours. Both just warm. Any idea what it could be. Thanks
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    Replace back door gate

    Hi I will be replacing my back gate. Due to expansion of wood in winter how much mm would you recommend either side for expansion of wood. Thanks
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    Hi I have fitted a thermostatic douche for a customer. Every time is used it takes 90 seconds for water to come out unless the temp is set on cold water I have tried another douche and does the same The system is a y plan system and all other taps are perfect The indirect cylinder has an...
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    Hi I have a saniflo which started making a noise and now the pump keeps running, I have tried the cleaner this afternoon. I have attached a picture of a replacement, will this work. Due to age just feel may be better to replace
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    Basin tap

    Hi Just replace my basin and taps with mono mixer along with m10 flexi The hot water flow is poor If i remove the isolation and replace flexi with copper m10, will the flow improve My old basin worked great with 2 taps Any help appreciated
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    Waste fitting

    Hi Can i insert 1 1/4 coupling into 1 1/2 tee then solvent weld Or do i need to get a reducer Seem to fit ok
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    Yale alarm

    Hi just fitted yale alarm. If i wanted the siren led to flash every 60 seconds will the battery last atleast a year with good make batteries.
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    Shower pump

    Hi i have a twin shower pump that only increases pressure at shower Is there any way using the same pump to increase the flow to the bath by somehow linking to hotwater outlet on cylinder I have an indirect cylinder
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    Thermostatic mixer shower

    The manual state s connections must be used I would have prefered not to used the s connectors What would happen if not used
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    Reqs joiner to fit 4 internal doors

    Hi Anyone in bolton to install 4 internal doors Locks/doors and hinges supplied If intrested pm me with price Thanks
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    Astra sxi 2004 model

    I have a astra sxi the back middle seat belt need replacing does anyone know what size cross screwdriver I need to replace the screw near the seat
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    Roof wood

    Hi I went in my loft last week and saw wood and felt above damp Got roofer the next day and he has has fitted 4 tile vents and dry vent system on the ridge The timber is still damp and the felt under slate still damp I haven't had much rain for few days How long will it take for the...
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    keston 28s

    Keep getting error E02, which means it has tried to light five times and has failed. the Ignitor & Ignition Lead, gas valve, pcb, fan change. Gas supply is ok, inlet working presure is 19mb. When it tries to light, I can hear a clicking noise. i have cleaned the condensate and checked...
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    Raven heat combi boiler, the clock is faulty which is part of the boiler - model number tm6192. i was wondering how i could fit a external randal clock. the ravenheat clock has 4 wires, what wire what. on the back on the clock it says: 1 - 2 input voltage 3 - 4- 5 contact rating...