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    freeview/ ariel prob

    hi i have just moved into a new property but i can only get 31 channels when i scan my tv and none of these are common ones ie bbc1 2 itv 4 etc, any ideas why, i only changed my tv liceince over today would this be why?
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    carpet cleaning

    hi people just moved into a new house with lovely deep cream carpet but the stairs are fairly grubby, what best method and shampoo to use to get looking nice again, is hand scrubbing an option?
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    radiator paint

    just moved into new home and the rads have a yellow creamy look , whats best paint to bring back to white please
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    dirty grout

    hi anyone got good way to liven up my bathroom tile grouting, its starting to go grey ish tried bleach but didnt work,
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    dripping baxi

    hi peolple my baxi duo-tec recently lost pressure and i couldnt get hot water so i added water using filling loop till up to recommended level and i must put bit too much as it went into red next day when heating on and water was dripping from the caseing but soon stopped after turning heating...
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    fence posts

    replacing 2 wooden fence posts and 2 6ft panels that came down in winds, it been there a while and moving soon so should i concrete the posts in or are spikes anygood,
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    cat insurance?

    lol yeah none of it useful just load of crap only odd couple of helpers
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    cat insurance?

    cheers mate yeah makes sense now, will look into insurance first, cant get quote cause they all ask for cats info and we not actualy got one yet,
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    cat insurance?

    cheers mate, so if u for example with your cats tabs costing 20+ a month do you pay that or insurance pay that as you said you have 70 odd excess, sorry im new and am only thinking of it at mo but worried about vet bills as in general cats im guessin are cheap to keep, also are looking at rspc cats
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    cat insurance?

    hi i have never owned a cat but thinking of gettin one but worried of any future vet bills, so if i get insurance will this cover and bills or not, sorrry im new to pet owning, if so any recommendations?
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    galaxy s2 or android

    hi peeps, just got a samsung galaxy s2 (android) i heard stories of data being used by phone to update things i dont use, any help please
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    Potterton 5117392 thermostat

    they fine as clock keeps upto date and on and off feature works
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    Potterton 5117392 thermostat

    hi could anyone help im on my second potterton 5117392 thermostat in 3 years, first one went under warrenty it worked fine except timer switch didnt work but timer clock did, now it gone again and think maybe out of warrenty now if replacement came with another one, ive tried recommisioning with...
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    best mobile

    was swaying towards the iphone 4, the galaxy and the htc desire hd
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    best mobile

    just wanting personal opinions on which smart phone is the best from experience, thanks
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    bathroom flooring

    i currently have lino in bathroom but was thinking of something cosyer like carpet tiles, is there a bathroom version thats good for spills as i have a 3 year old that loves to splaszh in bath?????????
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    mobile contract

    its not up till march but due upgrade in december so want try get another deal
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    mobile contract

    hi does anyone know if carphone warehouse or phones4u will take me on when my orange contract is due for upgrade? i heard they will pay off excisting contract to join them, im after an iphone and want see what offer
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    Static caravan underfloor insulating

    cheers buddy will have a butchers at that site
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    Static caravan underfloor insulating

    Hi people im wondering if any views or ideas how to insulate underneath a 40ft static caravan, am planning on doing this from under the caravan, is there a proper material etc, please advice needed.