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  1. Elkato531

    How to repressurise strange boiler?

    I would guess that the two valves with brass caps need to be connected by a filling loop. Do you have a braided hose somewhere? should be about a foot long. remove the brass caps and connect hose. I would trace the pipes that the valves are connected to first to be sure. One should be mains...
  2. Elkato531

    Which Dow 785 for shower tray and wetwall?

    I've also started using the 785N. Just the lack of smell is good enough reason but I also find it easier to get a good finish.
  3. Elkato531

    TRV temperature setting?

    Maybe 4, but possibly 5, or 2.
  4. Elkato531

    TRV temperature setting?

    Trvs are not calibrated very accurately but I would guess about 3.
  5. Elkato531


    No need for any more traps. Looks good. Not too clear from the pics, just make sure the long horizontal pipe has a slight fall towards the outlet.
  6. Elkato531

    How do I change the washer in this tap?

    Wrap a few rubber bands around the shroud. The extra grip often means you can unscrew by hand or, if grips are needed, the rubber bands protect the chrome
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    Daughters need a dad who can do stuff and you've almost got it sorted. (y). Believe me, you've already done better than many "professional" installations that I've seen. Make the simple change I suggested, and all should be ok. BTW, plastering defeats me also.
  8. Elkato531


    Don't feel smug yet. It's wrong. Leave it like that and it'll get gungy, smelly and blocked. The U bend of the trap should be the other way around. The way you have it, the whole of the waste arrangement will be full of water rather than just the u bend. Turn that piece around and shorten the...
  9. Elkato531

    Triton push-fit bar mixer bracket dilemma

    I would get rid of the push fit mounts you have and replace with compression ones
  10. Elkato531

    Dodgy cylinder??

    It looks to me like the olive is not sitting square in the fitting. Have you tried inserting the pipe without the nut and olive in place. Very unusual for the pipe not to fit. I don't think I've ever seen it. If it won't fit, you'll need to return for replacement as its useless.
  11. Elkato531

    Can't screw backnut to the lockshield valve

    A bit of a bodge, but given where you've got to, you could use a female iron fitting between the locksheild valve and the rad tail. It will look like a diy fudge but the connections will match up and you should be able to get it to seal. You will need to cut the rad tail a bit shorter to fit...
  12. Elkato531

    6 core flex for programmer

    TLC do 0.75mm 7 core flex. Programmer probably doesn't need an earth though. Most are double insulated these days.
  13. Elkato531

    Bathroom Sink Bottle Trap Leak After Removal & Refit

    Looks like a McAlpine trap. To be honest, I'd just buy a new trap.
  14. Elkato531

    Dripping Tap- help needed please

    You can see the splines of the cartridge spindle through the hole so there is nothing else securing it except friction and corrosion. It will eventually come off with wiggling (and waggling) and levering up but you may damage the chrome in the process. New tap time?
  15. Elkato531

    Suitable to install a washing machine?

    Straightforward for a plumber and not difficult DIY. If the installer is the type that Currys etc send out with the delivery van, they will find any excuse possible to walk away. I would make sure a new washing tap is fitted and the waste connection is ready for them to fit directly onto.
  16. Elkato531

    Issue with 2 button toilet valve

    Don't recognise that one. may be able to identify and supply a replacement although it may be expensive. I would bite the bullet now and replace with a fluidmaster flush valve. Available from Screwfix, Toolstation etc. Its a bigger job which involves separating cistern from...
  17. Elkato531

    Fluidmaster replacement button (older version?)

    The new button should come with a removable tapered sleeve (chromed plastic) which you throw away if not required.
  18. Elkato531

    Ideal Conceala 2 flush valve (SV93467)

    Have you tried changing the bottom seal. They seem to wear away at the edges and may be causing it to stick.
  19. Elkato531

    What is the best way to heat an individual room?

    To be honest, I wouldn't bother making special heating arrangements for babies bedroom different from the rest of the house. Clothing and bedding is the way to go. Always found ours slept better when the room was a bit cooler.