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    Advice needed please - washbasin

    And explain you did want to see the pipework I did the same for a small en-suite basin and agreed the isolator wiuld be in the bathroom So only a chrome waste was seen You can get right angle tap adapters with isolator included which I used in cloakroom basin again so no pipe work seen Going...
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    Advice needed please - washbasin

    i have also found with our fitters , they do also add suggestions and things we have not thought about - and gave various alternatives - A good sign of their experience and professionalism can be had while they are at the quoting stage. Our kitchen fitter came up with a lot of suggestions as the...
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    Advice needed please - washbasin

    I'm NOT - but i did make it very clear before commencement of our bathroom and en-suite that i had a drawing to scale and expected to follow that drawing, unless a major issue and then discuss. I also asked to be kept informed and had a quick chat either 1st thing in morning or evening on that...
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    Decorators Varnish

    have you looked at bathroom wallpaper - my daughter is currently refurbishing a shower / toilet room , and she said she is using bathroom wallpaper not sure which one she has purchased - but a lot available on a search no idea how long it will last - in "real life" as she has not got around...
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    Autumn statement.

    also fuel duty goes up by 23% - 12p a litre - march 23
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    Far infrared heaters for inside house

    dont know the specifics of your infared BUT when a friend of mine changed from E7 storage to these super Fischer panels - the blurb talked about saving money, having heat when you wanted and a load of sales brochure pitch etc - her electric almost doubled !!!!!!! I did not know until long...
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    Flush pipe to toilet connection

    is it a tapered pipe - so 50mm down to 40mm ??? 2" down to 11/2" My comfortheight cistern had this type of pipework And the join is some sort of reducer? perhaps a photo
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    Routing network cable - is this quote okay?

    hes not really quoting based on some hour rate , it will be based on the day , number of people, my stepsons father just paid for him to have replacement wall lights and centre lights - cost £215 took the guy 1.5 hours to do the job he has to travel to and from the job, may not get a job that...
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    House insurance

    a lot of insurance companies, put the prices up each year , and people just renewed or on auto renewal - I know LV got up to £800 , when my mother-in-law then started to ask the question and it was reduced to around £200 or less. I think a new law arrived in April - where new customers had to be...
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    Smart Meters 'forced' on people?

    but i will be last to have one ........ so that makes you 3rd and 2nd to last (y) (y) (y) :giggle::giggle::giggle: ;););););)
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    Asbestos Testing Recomendations

    i have used in 2018 to check ceiling plaster/artex , excellent service and time to get a reply
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    Smart Meters 'forced' on people?

    we also have a corded phone connected - and i recommend any friends with a landline have 1....
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    Flex angle drill shaft

    i have used a Right angle bit - from Lidl & I also have the Dewalt version - JUST A DIYer never used a flexible extension i'm sure some trades may answer Never used with a hand held as i have a small ratchet driver , which i have used a few times NOT this one -...
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    Light switch On Metal Cabinet

    Anyway to perhaps use a pill cord maybe in ceiling with cable hanging down side of cabinet May not work but saves cutting a hike and having box in the cabinet Did this for daughter garage works well But that didn’t answer the question asked
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    Circular dry lining box cover

    any reason not to use Square - not sure on regs etc cant find any blanking plates - maybe a call to TLC or CEF etc
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    Screed over incline

    you will also need to slope any skirting board - maybe doors if you have any in the room, and where abouts they are on the slope - 60mm is quite a lot - you may notice it , depending on whats on walls etc
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    The Kitchen

    Good to know that
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    The Kitchen

    Is that a combi supplied mains pressure ISH hot water ?? I actually changed to 22mm on my hotwater to bath - but gravity feed in a bungalow - so had to do that We had a kitchen renovation, including the false ceiling pulled down and replaced , they guy said we dont usually put insulation above...
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    Downpipe bend required for gutter

    Yes , i thought the flag was for Germany - perhaps soakaways are different in germany , no idea , usually they are not emptied , but Soak away into the ground, at least all theones I no of , and recently had renewed
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    Downpipe bend required for gutter

    do you know if you have a soakaway anywhere in the garden, that perhaps other pipes are using what country are you in ? what does the horizontal pipe do in the UK, there are some restrictions on putting rainwater into sewers , often either separate drains exist for surface water or you pay...