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  1. nickjb

    Fan motor wiring

    Yes, funnily enough I've seen that. It doesn't give a suitable value for the capacitor and I couldn't get it to work. Hoping for a more practical answer on here from someone who knows motors, even if that is just proving the motor is kaput
  2. nickjb

    Fan motor wiring

    I picked an old fan hoping to use it in the workshop. It'll run and gives decent airflow but it won't start. If I power it then it buzzes, if I give it a little nudge it spins nicely. I wondered if it needed a capacitor but I tried a couple, rather blindly, in a couple of different...
  3. nickjb

    Making a garage more useful - not converting

    You could have a look at stokbord. Its recycled plastic. I quite like the mottled finish but it is quite dark. It'll take screws. Cuts easily. More expensive than OSB. Mine is lined with old building site hoardings. Its OSB but came ready painted
  4. nickjb

    Which product - Leaking Garage Roof

    Flashband might do it. Use the primer to get it to stick well. "Repaired" a cracked corner on mine about 3 years ago. Still holding up.
  5. nickjb

    Outbuilding maximum area

    If the overhang becomes large enough to be counted as a veranda then it may planning permission, although I think that is more down to floor and if it is raised
  6. nickjb

    Where to buy plastic storage boxes from?

    The cheap ones are really flimsy and crack easily. You can get the proper industrial ones (with the interlocking finger lids) on Facebook marketplace for £6 each.
  7. nickjb

    Building a workshop.

    I don't know if you will easily find actual plans but there are plenty of documented shed builds on here or on the web that should give you some idea. This is Colin Furze's shed presented in his usual style Not pent, but that bit is pretty simple: Joists, deck, covering.
  8. nickjb


    If you keep chopping the greenery it'll eventually die. That burning thing really doesn't work, it'll take ages and several fires. If you properly want rid then dig it out, which is hard work but quite satisfying, or hire a stump grinder.
  9. nickjb

    Foundations for a stone shed

    Depends on your ground conditions. I'd say you probably do but there are plenty of 200 year old stone buildings just sitting on dirt. I suppose you are trading off doing a load of extra work now against a potential load of remedial work in the future.
  10. nickjb

    neighbour encroaching onto my garden

    To be honest, if I bought a house in that situation I'd assume the fence was the boundary and then do whatever I liked on my side. I don't think the neighbour has done much wrong there. Obviously if they were subsequently rude about it after being told then that is another matter.
  11. nickjb

    Planning permission carport garage door

    If its been there 2 years and no one has mentioned it then I'd keep quiet. If does become an issue you can always apply for permission then.
  12. nickjb

    Patio Heater which type?

    These are very good:
  13. nickjb

    New window into old stone wall

    Thanks. I am considering DIY, as I would for most jobs. I'm still trying to understand the process. For a brick wall the lintel would go in then the opening gets cut under it but the brickwork that supports the lintel is already there. In this case the brickwork which will support the lintel...
  14. nickjb

    Plan drawing software

    "draftsight is not free..." Sorry, my mistake. Looks like they have changed their model. Was free last year. LibreCAD is free. Not as good but still OK. Works in quite a different way to AutoCAD so a bit of a learning curve but easy enough to use
  15. nickjb

    Dogs in lockdown.

    While the legislation doesn't limit the number of times you can go out for exercise the government guidance absolutely does. Its one of the few things it is very clear on.
  16. nickjb

    Retaining wall collapsing

    Firstly, obviously the wall has failed, but it doesn't look too bad. Its quite hilly round here and there are plenty of walls worse than that still standing. Its not that high either. What's behind it? If the neighbours house is right there its a bigger issue than a load of garden. Also are...
  17. nickjb

    Plan drawing software

    Draftsight is very good for 2d plans. Its a simplified autocad. A lot of the functions are the same and there is plenty of online support. Best of all, its free
  18. nickjb

    Pole Saw

    I've got the florabest from Lidl. Really nice piece of kit. Very easy to use and cuts well. Not sure when they will next be in store as its one of their random stuff in the middle items. Probably available online though. £100 including battery and charger.
  19. nickjb

    Angle Grinder

    Corded or cordless? There is no need to spend £120 on corded. Most of the usual brands will be well under that. I quite like Hitachi grinders but you won't go far wrong with makita, dewalt, Bosch blue, etc. If cordless then go for whatever system you use so you have extra batteries. The makita...
  20. nickjb

    New window into old stone wall

    I'm working on my planning application for converting an old stone building. Its Victorian, the walls are about 600mm thick. Fairly neatly laid on the outside rubble in the middle. To get a nice layout it'll be much better if I can get a window in the gable end. I'm trying to gauge how hard...