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    New unvented cylinder - immersion possibly not working properly?

    If it is clicking at 40 C then it suggests that stat is OK so more likely the heater element breaking down when hot.
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    40mm shower pipe fall

    I am confused. Your drawing shows trays in right hand corner of both rooms yet shower waste is in left hand corner? Your swept tees appear to be facing the wrong way
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    Condensate pipe

    Put a branch on the rainwater and discharge the condense into it. This way if your rainwater blocks it will not back up and flood the boiler.
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    Swapping out a DHW heat exchanger

    Drain offs just to the right of ch isolation valves
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    EU unhappy with astrazeneca

    The EU published what it thought was a redacted version of the AstraZeneca contract. It's not. Open it in Adobe Reader and then open the bookmarks tab on the left. The redacted headings are there in plain text.
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    Bathroom smell

    Possibly a failed durgo? Do you have some boxing in the room in question?
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    Hello Mario. I would very much appreciate copies of these. Cheers [email protected]

    Hello Mario. I would very much appreciate copies of these. Cheers [email protected]
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    Foam Guns

    I had a series of poor experiences with my gun, great for a few uses then a nightmare. After yet another strip down & clean I checked the dates on the cans & all quite well out of date. Not been a problem since.
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    Boiler flue inspection point (and central heating inhibitor) query

    This is the Ideal Isar but same principle
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    Boiler flue inspection point (and central heating inhibitor) query

    The little black cap on the top of boiler will be sampling point
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    Lock shield valve question

    Can't see it on your photo but is there a screw inside the hole in the hexagon part? Often requires allen key but sometimes slotted screwdriver. Anti-clockwise to open looking down on it.
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    no hot water upstairs

    Or whatever is meant to switch it.
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    no hot water upstairs

    If you manually open the valve on top of the cylinder using the little lever on the end, now put heating on, the 2 pipes on top of the cylinder should now get hot & your cylinder begin to heat up. This should allow you to get hot water upstairs for the time being. What do your 2 room thermostats...
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    no hot water upstairs

    If you are happy to wait 11 days to resolve this then no worries but if you wish to get some hot water upstairs in the meantime, you presumably have a programmer of some sort with hot water & heating settings. Put the hot water to constant and heating off. What does boiler do now?
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    no hot water upstairs

    It sounds as if your combi feeds the kitchen tap and other hot outlets are fed by a cylinder. Is this correct?
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    Comment by 'Daveydub' in media '3E09588C-FECA-46EA-8DE3-8D0DF0CE546F'

    Looks like one of those silica dosing things
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    Single bath leg,,,

    Or one of these with ply packers as required
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    Ariston boiler - identification and fault finding

    Although it should be a sealed system, it is possible that this has ben left as tank fed. This would explain why safety valve is capped although having shut off valves on boiler then it really should still have a safety outlet. The "fill point" below boiler may in fact be a drain off point. Need...
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    Need extra heat!!

    To confirm that the K2 will do the job, buy a 350 watt electric heater for about £12 and put that in the room. If that & radiator now get the room toasty then the K2 will do it. If not it's get the man in time. Save you spending on the rad & then spending on another rad.
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    Replacement CH/HW programmer options

    If you search ebay for Grasslin timer there are loads for about £20 and you could just change the clock. Alternatively someting like Drayton programmer & change the whole thing. It is only 5 or 6 wires