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    Gledhill Thermal Store issue

    Hi Forum, I have a GH Solar thermal store 350. These have a plate heat exchanger on the side for DHW. The problem I have is that this pump is either slow coming on (meaning water wasted at the taps waiting for the hot water), Or it is running when I don't want it to. I've got...
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    Boiler not always starting

    Hi, I have a Woodpecker 25 biomass boiler, but I don't think the fact it is biomass that is the issue. When running, the boiler is great. My problem is that when my water tank is cold, and the tank thermostat is calling for heat the boiler won't always attempt to start. It fires OK when...
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    Slates onto concrete blocks

    Hi forum, I'm about to fix 20 M2 of natural slate tiles, 300mm x 300mmx 10mm onto standard concrete 4" blocks internally. I got the slates at a good price, but the seller is trying to get me to buy primer and adhesive off him as well. I may well need them, but thought I'd check with...
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    Spanish slate quality

    Hi Forum, I am ready to order slates for the roof. Unfortunately Welsh are out of my price range, so are Canadians, so it will be Spanish. I have four prices from different suppliers, but I have no idea which offers best value for money, each supplier says theirs is - they would...
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    Warm roof, SIP or PIR between rafters?

    Hi Forum, I've just began blocking my trad build house, and thinking ahead to the roof, floor area ~ 130 M2, L shaped, roof to be @ 33 degrees. Toying with the idea of using a 200mm SIP roof, but worried about the price. Would there be a massive increase in cost compared to attic trusses...
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    armoured cable

    Hello everybody, Any help would be appreciated in letting me know what size cable to use for a 50m length for a filter/pump (300w ) and small water heater ( 3000W ), this is for a small swimming pool at the end of the garden which is being neglected as the kids say it's too cold. Both of...