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    No hot water - new ensuite shower

    I see this issue is not a new one, but I have a variable that I wanted to check with you guys before I do anything. I've just moved into a house share, and the room has an en suite shower that has apparently never worked. There is a very slow trickle with the mixer turned to hot, and sometimes...
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    Using old bricks as hardcore for paving

    We have recently done some building work, and have a lot of rubble left over - about 5 cubes. We now need to pave outside the back door. I've read in another post that the bricks should be broken down to about 2" pieces before laying it down, and to be careful to remove all plaster from the...
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    Convert garage door from counterweight to spring

    Our garage door is an old up-and-over door using counterweights. I'd like to convert this to use springs - preferably torsion springs, but will fall back on extension springs if need be. The latter seem to be very easily available and cheap and easy to install, but I'm getting frustrated with...
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    Butt hinge pin removal with door closed

    I'm hoping someone can help me with this. There must be a way to do it... I came home from holiday and couldn't open the front door (upvc multipoint lock). The key turns to a point, and then jams. My first thought was that someone try to snap it (it's an anti-snap pin), so I removed the handle...