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    Roof light in flat roof

    Does anyone know if it's possible to put a roof light in an existing flat roof? I believe our extension has a pretty standard felt roof. I guess anything is possible, but is it a massive undertaking?
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    Attaching wooden panel to sectional garage wall

    Hello, I have a concrete sectional garage which came with a house I recently bought. It's generally watertight, but water does seem to seep in where the walls meet the concrete floor and I'm sure other places too. It could just be condensation but from reading around the internet this seems to...
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    Chasing into exterior render

    Hi :) We have the wiring in place for an external light (as in a cable sticking out of the wall) near the front door. The cable however comes out in an illogical place. How difficult is it for a professional to chase the cable slightly to the left (about 15cms max)? The exterior of the house is...
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    Mounting TV on single brick wall

    Hello, As the title really. I live in a 1930s house and the internal walls seem to be made from brick... judging from the thickness of them they're a single brick thick (anyone who knows better can of course disabuse me of this idea). Is it okay to mount a TV on such a wall? I'm not so much...
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    Ceiling Rose Wiring

    Hello :) I’m shortly going to be replacing a ceiling rose that has a loop in/out set up. My plan is to use wago connectors to replicate the wiring I’ve found in the ceiling rose. I will label the wires so I know how they go back together. I’ve been looking at wiring diagrams and it seems...
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    Double insulated light fitting

    Hello :) I have a double insulated light fitting and it’s come with a horrible white connector block (pictured). If I were to replace that connector with a couple of wago 221s and put them inside the black box pictured would it still be double insulated? It seems fine, but I like to worry...
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    Gap between extensions

    Hello, I live in a typical 1930s mid terrace. My neighbors are planning to build a typical rear extension up to our boundary. We've known about their plans since before we bought the house, and we have no desire to stop them. My question is reasonably academic, but how close would we be...
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    Rate of pressure loss

    Hello, We've recently moved from an un-pressurised system to a pressurised system and we're now having to deal with the weeps and leaks that go along with that. I've been digging around the internet, but I can't really see how best to gauge how much the system is actually leaking. We're...
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    MDF Bath Panel

    Hello :) I've recently moved into a new house and we're busy tarting things up. One of the things that needed doing was a new path panel. We've had a carpenter make one out of water-resistant MDF. I'm aware MDF isn't the best for a bathroom but we need something quick and cheap to tide us...
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    Insulating Loft Space

    Hello, I've recently found myself the custodian of a 1930s terrace. The loft has some insulation, but it doesn't really appear to go above the beams. So, I'd like to add some more. I understand I need to be mindful of creating a damp loft, however, I have the type of loft that has no felt...
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    Drilling window surround

    I've been trying to drill the side of my window 'surround' to put up a blind and nothing much seems to happen once I get about an inch in (matron!). I've been using a masonry drill bit, however it is quite old and (I can't remember) but I suspect quite cheap. Is it possible that it's just...
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    Boxing in gas pipe

    Hello, We've just moved into a new placed that's a mild fixer upper and it transpires we need a new boiler. For reasons known only to gas engineers we need a new gas pipe which will run up one of our living room walls, which is obviously visually not ideal. However, I understand I will be...
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    Shower screen hinge seal

    Hello, Ive just moved into a new place and it looks like a seal is missing from the hinge side of my shower screen. Does anyone have idea what sort is seal would go there? I can’t find a good example via google... I’m probably not using the right phrase. Thanks in advance!
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    Garden Building Electrics

    Hello, I wonder if someone who understands such things could help me understand. We're toying with the idea of getting a small garden office fitted. The type that comes pre-wired with a few sockets and a light etc... Our fuse box is not in the idea position to create a new circuit, it's...
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    Extending boarded area

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice. I live in a terraced house, and the joists run front to back. In the loft the previous owner (or maybe the developer dunno) has boarded the centre of the loft, but for some reason they've not boarded up to the wall, they left the...
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    Guttering loose

    Our gutter has become loose (handy visual aid attached). I plan to shimmy up a ladder and fix it... my question is, will it just click back in to place or does it require some glue/sealant to stick it back together? Thanks :)
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    Open soil stack in loft

    Hello, Wondering if anyone knows anything about this. I live in a terraced house built towards the end of the 90s, I believe it was 1999. We've always had a slightly smelly loft, but never thought much of it... Then when we were having something else done a plumber told us it could be to do...
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    Dual Flush Dripping in to Pan

    Hello, I have recently had a toilet installed. It's one of those new fangled ones with the dual flush button and a central flush unit. Annoyingly it's leaked since it was new. I've had various people twist the middle bit out and adjust it but it always seems to drip. Is there any reason why...
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    Making gloss cabinet board not gloss...

    Hello, I have a piece of cabinet board 'filler' in my kitchen that's gloss whereas the rest of the kitchen isn't gloss it's that slightly bobbly satin material that bits of kitchen tend to made from. My question to you is, if I were to buy some satin cabinet paint and roller it on with a foam...
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    Bath Shower Screen Trim

    Hello, Forgive this slightlystupid question, but our bath shower screen as a little piece of plastic that sits under it (like most do) to stop the water spilling out. It's of a design much like this: Where there are two 'legs' a longer one and a shorter one. My question is should the...