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    Identifying Plants in Photos?

    How do Forget Me Nots as young plants look so I don't mistake them for weeds? And is the plant in top photo Japanese knotweed? How about the plants in other two photos?
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    Widening space for washing machine?

    The highlighted area in red is exactly 600mm (width of washing machine) so too narrow. Can the side on the right be moved to the right or small cupboard on right be made narrower to then accommodate the machine?
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    Hanging a narrow gate

    The gate's gonna open towards camera , hung off 4 x 2 bolted to render. Two sliding bolts into pvc opposite. Put another stop on hinge side. Gate already made at joinery
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    Making cardboard template for floor

    Planning on changing my bathroom's vinyl floor also wanted to practice making a template with cardboard which could later be transferred onto wood. Figured cut it so it overhangs and is too big then gradually cut it down until it fits around toilet etc
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    Heating water to kill any bacteria etc

    Just put my hot water on for first time in months. I heard there's a bacteria or virus which gets killed at 70 degrees. Is it best after all this time to leave heater on for as long as possible to kill the bug? I usually only put it on for 15 mins to get it warm enough to wash dishes etc that...
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    Been trying to fit these for a chain to go around in my garage. It says 16mm masonry bit but it was so tight when I hammered it in it bent at top and couldn't screw alway down, FAIL. Then next attempt I whirled drill around to widen hole, worked on first hole but too loose on second. Do...
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    Changing LED light's switch to a dimmer

    Wanna change my normal light switch for my LED light (8.5W) to a dimmer switch. I believe the L1 terminal takes the neutral (black) and L2 the live. Correct? There's no earth. I'll leave the C terminal empty. Can't get white plastic knob to stay on either. Won't push on. Anything...
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    Replacing or fixing downpipe

    I may have made a hole through this downpipe with my strimmer. What's the best way to repair it? Is it easier to just replace? I run strimmer along the wall. I didn't think it would've been powerful enough to do such a thing. I guess put some protection around it. I'm not 100% sure I...
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    Small pond

    Got a solar powered fountain, unfortunately it's too powerful for the little barrel pond and shoots the water out of it. There's no pressure control switch on it. Any ideas on how to reduce the power? How do you control algae?
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    Felt on shed

    Measured roof then cut to length rather than rolling whole roll, found when I tried to line up with baton along both sides it kept sliding off so just put couple of tacks in at top. How do you smooth out creases on felt? The worst was on top piece. To be fair the roof isn't straight
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    Is this bush safe to cut?

    Is this bush safe to cut with a hedgcutter? I heard it gives off hairs bad for the lungs
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    Getting the lawn back

    Should I rake out the brown strawy grass, thrown down top soil, tread on it then throw down grass seeds
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    Catching diseases off bird poo

    I heard someone got a disease from breathing in dried dusty bird poo which affected their nervous system. Think it's pigeons are the worst. Wondering - If you use a large wet/dry vac with filter taken out (for extra power) when cleaning gutters would it potentially blow out this dust from...
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    Should i replace this lining?

    Gonna replace this old door with a 7ft x 3ft blank ply door. Should I replace the lining ? Is it easy to replace? It looks bit rotten. Howdens do soft wood lining 27mm approxand external lining 64mm approx The current linings thickness is 46mm
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    Filling hole with expanding foam

    Wanted to fill this big hole in one hit so used expanding foam then cut it off to wall edge then pushed into hole then filled on top with filler. I guess this is the best way. How you clean foam canister so it doesn't get all blocked up?
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    Getting fixings

    My mate's TV had bolts put into his brand new flats wall (wall with neighbour) so I presume dob and dabbed onto concrete, he said plugs were used so not thunder bolts. What length and type of bolts are these and what plugs? Secondly, i put a shallow plug just above light switch, is it...
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    Fitting Fascias

    Might have some work labouring, fitting fascias, on the 2nd fix stage when I start; using nail guns. Is health and safety for this eye protection and ear defenders if I'm going around with other blokes nailing in stuff? Generally speaking is fitting fascias from start to finish easy?
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    Breaker for roots

    Helped a friend dig holes for laurels, there were roots everywhere. I said reciprocating saw was the best thing, which he uses too but he insisted a breaker (which I forgot to bring) would smash through the roots? Is this true or would it just bounce off? When planting laurels he put in...
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    Putting up canopy

    Putting this up above a door. The instructions it has a syringe type thing on it is that external silicone? Also, what's the best way to seal the gap between wall and canopy?
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    Replacing old Patios joins

    Is the best way to chip out all the old grout/pointing then use a pointing gun and bucket handle? On the photo below someone (not me) smeared it on the slabs. To avoid this is it best to use two pieces of wood then use the gun to put say 5 to one cement/sand mix? Or how about the bags of...