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    Rear brake pad replacement with electric handbrake.

    Lateish Volvo V70 but same system as Mondeo/Galaxy I believe. Has anyone done this without special tool to reset handbrake actuator? Apparently 2 ways. Either apply 12v to the actuator terminals - one way handbrake retracts, other it engages. Other way is to unbolt actuator from caliper and use...
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    Alpha Combi boilers, any good?

    Friend with a 14 yo Baxi Combi has had a price of £1850 to replace it and tells me her boiler man only fits Alphas. Can't find any recent reviews here on them and wonder what the general opinion of them is. Seems to be mostly negative on Google Thanks
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    Pyronix Deltabell compatibility

    I have a system dating back to early 2000's with an Accenta G3 panel and a Lynteck Vortex bell box. The LEDs are failing on the box and I've got a Pyronix Deltabell to fit ( with backlighting) I believe there are 5 wires feeding the box Hold +, Hold- , TG- , STB- and Return. The Deltabell has...
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    EGR valves

    Bloke on service reception at Volvo main dealers tells me that the UK is the only country that has problems with EGR valves choking up and it's because our air is so humid that and the soot particles stick to it and hence the valve. Is he pulling my leg?
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    Fairy Liquid

    Says on the bottle it's harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects. Are we killing off our fish by doing the washing up? Surprised no-one has produced a more eco-friendly product.
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    Dog Food

    Last week I rehomed a 2.5 yo chocolate lab. Quite a big boy, probably 30-35 kg. He's been fed on Royal Canin (not sure what type) I'm told it's the best. He certainly gobbles it up. Is it really good for the dogs or is it just hype? Anyone got any recommendations? Thanks
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    Laugh till I cried....

    at that post about "big big and tight tight" .It seems to have been removed just as it got going. Shame
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    Screenwash additive

    What do you boys up North where it's properly cold use to stop your screenwash freezing? Ready to use additive seems to be OK down to -4C and the concentrate says to use neat in winter. I recall only needing a 25% mixture for protection to brass monkey levels. Have they had to use some less...
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    Screen wash pump...

    ..... with 2 outlets , to front and rear. Apparently if the pump turns one way , it washes the front screen, reverse the polarity and it washes the rear screen. How does that work? Has the pump got 2 chambers?
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    What's happened to Agile?

    Not seen him here recently. Hope he's OK.
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    Whatever next?

    Article in Car Mechanics magazine about timing belts / chains. I didn't know Ford developed timing belts running in oil 10 years ago. Apparently teeth fall off the belts and can get into the pump.... And BMW have engines where the timing chain is at the flywheel end so you have to remove the...
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    Strimmer won't stop...

    Qualcast 2 stroke strimmer sometimes won't stop after use. I've changed the switch and will see if this cures the problem. I'm wondering if a 2 stroke can run if the plug isn't sparking, like a car engine "running on" ? Maybe the shorting coil is breaking down when hot?
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    Now TV box

    Bought a Now TV box to make my bedroom TV a Smart TV and for Catch Up facilities. I have Sky TV and Sky Broadband. Can't get the Now TV box to let me sign in. I've input my Sky ID which is my AOL email address . Input my AOL password as the password on the Now TV box. All I get is the message -...
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    Wannabe on "ignore"

    I was concerned about his mental wellbeing but I can't take any more of his rantings. Would someone let me know if he ever says anything sensible. Thanks.
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    Wannabe's rant.

    What's happened to his post about Transam's porkies? He'll be feeling extra unfairly treated now.
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    What's a good polish for black cars?

    I've always used Autoglym Super Resin but my last 1 litre bottle seemed runnier than previously. Is it a new formula? I've run out and wondering what people recommend that isn't silly money. I know the debate between polish and wax , what I want is a shiny car with paint protected against the...
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    Peripheral neuropathy

    Numbness and tingling in the toes (etc) , a symptom of diabetes. Apparently the nerves in my extremities have been damaged and the damage can't be undone. Strangely the tingling is worst when I'm sitting and is OK when walking which I would have thought indicated a circulation problem. I'm on...
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    More threads vanishing

    He's been at it again. Are we going to stand for it?
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    Vanishing threads...

    I was reading a thread when it must have been deleted in it's entirety. Not just locked. It's vanished !Someone must have touched a nerve?
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    Rolson etc booster starter boxes

    Bought one years ago and it was Ok until the battery failed . Dithered about replacing it and in the end got a new battery for it on EBay - Lucas 22ah for about £30 .FAR better than it ever was. My 1973 Rover 3500s battery was so flat today you could hear the starter chattering, hooked up my...