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    Combisave Device

    Are they any good?
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    Headlights oxidising

    My headlights were turning yellow, saw many vids showing how to resolve it, the only one which involves 5mins per headlight and resolved it was Armour All Headlights restorer. All others required buffing and using a drill with more elbow greasefor 2 hours, but for 10 mins , you cant go wrong...
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    Outdoor connector

    Is there and outdoor connector out there for a flat 2.5mm twin earth cable?
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    Boilers question for Heat Engineers/Installers

    Hiya, Can i ask what your views are on heat pumps and phasing out of gas boilers. Are you all training to install Heat Pumps? Are boilers gone by 2030? Thanks.
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    Main Eco Compact

    Need some help good folks. Preparing for winter and getting air out of he rads but i cant seem to refill the combi boiler, there are 2 blue levers, the right hand side is working fine but the left hand side one is stuck on close and wont budge. Whats the best way to force it open? Thanks.
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    New Boiler!!!

    Come on engineers, stop wasting time on this forum and invent boilers that uses miniscule gas!!!
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    Garden extension cable query.

    Was looking to replace my old garden extension cable , about 17m in length, its used for lawnmower n hedge trimmer, its 3 core with a similar cable costing £25. Found a longer orange coloured on a trip to a boot market which needed a plug to be replaced only, did this and to my surprise its...
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    Weird setup

    House 1930's terraced in London. Nest door neighbour landlord phones me to tell me his house has failed a earth impudence test and his electrician reckons main power cable is coming from my house. I check and yes, i have 3 phases in my house with 3 main 100am fuses , 1 is mine , 1 is next...
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    Tale of woe

    Neighbour spoke to me a day ago, he's a bit dim but try to advise best i can. He had a new boiler Main eco elite fitted in 2016, came with 2 year warranty, i remember asking to make sure he gets its serviced every year. Roll on yesterday, he says its been leaking for last 3 weeks, called a...
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    Best Temp setting on a combi

    Its that time of year again when we talk about getting the best performance out of your combi. Ignoring everything else what is the best temp setting for: 1) Condensing Efficiency: 2) Economy: Thanks.
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    Recommend a decent AA charger

    Hiya, Can anyone recommend a decent AA battery charger. My old uniross has failed and its now obsolete, it used to charge batteries in good time, I bought Loytron one which is absolutly rubbish, takes hours to charge. Thanks
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    Painting Hell

    We have plastered our lounge ourselves, finish is quite good for diy. However choosing the paint was a big issue, wife wanted a light colour no dark ones, we settled on a very light colour leyland trade paint. Bought one but it had a blue hue to it she said it was ok i said no way, after we...
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    Plaster shortage

    Is this product any good for a small wall job:
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    Digital Thermostat Issue

    Hiya, I have a main eco elite compact 30kw combi boiler (rebadged baxi 630) paired with a crappy salus T105RF stat. The stat heating worked ok over winter but i noticed the intermittent pump recycling with the radiator symbol flashing a few times despite no heating demand. Now the weather has...
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    Electric Showers

    Hiya, Does anyone have any views on this shower: I need to get a spare one and this one fits the bill to replace a Triton Opal/Zante type model. The triton one are way too expensive and overrated.
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    Main Eco Elite Compact/Baxi 600

    Hiya I had a new main eco elite 30kw (rebadged baxi 630) boiler fitted last Oct and have a question. Now the weather has warmed up and i have turned the heating dial to the lowest position, the crappy salus thermostat is set to 17c and room temp is 20c. Why the does the boiler still rumble...
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    Wireless digital thermostat

    Can anyone recommend a nice one WITH good tech support (dont fancy waiting for hours for someone to pick up the phone like salus tech support).
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    Water 22m descaler

    Are these any good...
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    Boiler in bathroom

    All , having new boiler fittred in a bathroom, boiler is gonna be well outside zone 0, 1 and 2 and be about 2m away, from enclosed shower, do i have to enclose it in a cupboard or something?
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    Cooker hob /socket question

    Having new kitchen fitted, and have a question re point for electric hob/socket. I'm planning on putting in a gas hob but in future may switch to electric, the builder has put in a power socket with a 6mm2 cable off a 32a ring main with a cooker isolater. He says in future if i want to switch...