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    £7k a month benefits?!?

    Get down the quacks mate.
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    Close-up challenge

    There's a lot of rules n regs there. Remember most people aren't as lonely as you. If you need attention try and make your bait less bossy.
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    Is it ok to put an extractor fan through a lintel?

    Can we find out where he buys his core drills from or does he use semtex?
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    Shocking crime in Thailand (mass shooting)

    Time to go again Himmi. Take your alter egos with you too. Poor deluded troll.
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    Pig-headed Prime Minister sticks to her folly.

    When she said to shoot terrorists first and ask questions later I warmed to her.
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    Forget it

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    Gas pipe obstructing new oven

    Clip under that left elbow would of been an idea. Maybe Clip the leccy supply to the hob too.
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    CH or gas fire?

    What model is it?
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    Alex Belfield

    Sounds a bit like Genghis Khan or Idi Amin
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    Alex Belfield

    10 yrs minimum Absolute koont. I've watched him from time to time on Youtube over the last year or so. A few of his opinions I'd agree with, most I wouldn't, some were verging on him being Hitlers long lost grandson. Vindictive, dishonest conman he is. Too many mentions of "knobs and ****s" in...
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    What have you been doing today?

    Flew back from there yesterday morning. It was raining lol
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    CH or gas fire?

    Old 3 radiant fire at 90% eff? Has someone put a flagstone in place of the pot lol.
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    Can King Charles repair Johnson's Disunited Kingdom?

    Think that if it brings you solace.
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    Can King Charles repair Johnson's Disunited Kingdom?

    Virtually none. Toss of a coin.
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    Can King Charles repair Johnson's Disunited Kingdom?

    I don't give it any thought. I can't change anything. Not gonna waste time crying over spilt milk. Life's too short.
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    Can King Charles repair Johnson's Disunited Kingdom?

    Mate. Build a bridge and get over it. It's done and we've got to make the best of the situation.
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    Loads of Albanians

    Well said Notch. At least you can see it. ECHR brought in by leftists to stop the migrants being packed off to Africa.
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    Price cap

    In easy to understand terms then-bout 13 years to break even if it doesn't go wrong/need replacing? Tis a genuine question.