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    Shower woes

    (I hope this query comes under the appropriate category - ie plumbing) ============================================= What has started as, and should be, a simple fix up job has not proved to turn into a troublesome. We have a shower head fixed to the bathroom wall as per photos: First...
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    Unable to identify fixed shower head fitting - is this a Grohe?

    Hi - looking to replace a wall-fixed shower head. Immediately running into some issues: It is +10yrs old and is likely discontinued, although someone has mentioned it may be a Grohe. I have approached Grohe my contact says he has never seen it before. - any ideas of the brand will help...
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    Replacing with SuperSwitch Central Heating Programmer with Drayton LP711

    Greetings fellow DIYnot-ers! Would appreciate immensely some advice re a small DIY job i am about to embark on. And please forgive me for moments of painful description i am a relative noob. We have a Gledhill PulsaCoil boiler (pic) and it has been controlled by a Superswitch Central Heater...