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    Need to remove patio door, help

    I need to remove this patio door, I cant lift it up sufficiently as it butts against this rubber pad (see pic) before it lifts high enough to pull the door out at the bottom. Do I have to get this pad out and any tips on how?, it's not just a seal, it seems to flex as the door glides over it and...
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    Odd, low mains pressure.

    Pic is not very good but the wooden "clicklock" floor is just laid on the concrete slab (with underlay). The concrete is exposed around the water main and drain area and there is no sign of any moisture except for a small amount damp at ther back of the drain. I have listened (using a rod) both...
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    Odd, low mains pressure.

    I'm still on unmetered or this would probably be costing me. There's a drain about 10m away but can't hear any noise at all from it? Do you know if a plumber could locate a leak or would i have to get a specialist?
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    Odd, low mains pressure.

    My mains pressure has always been a steady 1.5bar, About a week ago it reduced to about 0.2 The inlet stop cock and pipes make a hissing sound. Pic 1 shows water main A, but there is also an odd thing. If I put my ear to toilet drain downpipe B, there is a clear sound of running water in it...