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    diy shed build frame work advice

    I've just dug out my garden to build a shed from scratch. shed will be approx 7x7 ft. I am going to lay a concrete base and have had a thought. Can i use 9ft concrete posts (2 foot sunk in and concreted) and then lay base down so the top 7ft of the post appear to be sat on the concrete...
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    gap in wooden dining table surface - how to fill

    I am part way through refurbishing my dining room table. I have sanded it down and am going to paint it this week. The design of the table means that the top has a gap around the two top panels which trap all loose bits of food and look horrible. what i can use to fill this gap and sand...
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    New Kitchen - Before And After Pics

    Didn't get many pics as i was consumed with diy fever. When we moved in, the kitchen had a few old old units, an old gas cooker, and a 35 year old boiler which consumed gas like it was going out of fashion! Also there was no window in the end wall overlooking the garden. This is our 1st...