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    Neighbor Cut my underground pipe

    hi, Ive been digging around in my backyard and found my rainwater pipe has been cut. I followed the pipe and found that it has been cut right at their new extensions. I moved in after the extension. And new neighbors have moved in. But it looks like it has been cut to lay their foundation...
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    Please help me find the main sewage line

    hi, I am trying to build a utility with a sink and washing machine and I cannot find a place for the waste water to go. The plumber told me to dig under the toilet and make a hole big enough for him to fit into and he will fit the pipes. Ive dug under the toilet 60cm wide and about 80cm deep...
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    Roof leak at lead flushing

    hi, There is a leak between the main house and the garage extension. Ive had bits fixed a few times but it still leaks when rain hits the main wall. First I had the pointing done and a few worn tiles replaced. Then I had the felt replaced. Then the lead flushing Then I had the lead painted...
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    Downpipe water coming out as spring in back yard

    hi, I was flushing the downpipe using a lot of water when I noticed an underground spring in my backyard. I dug it up, about 30cm down the pipe just ends. Like its been clean cut. Is this normal? thank you
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    Basin pop up waste rod

    hi, The pop up waste arm rusted off and I bought a replacement but the ball is slightly smaller and it leaks. What size ball or part should I be searching for. Left is old right is new. Thank you
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    What part do I need to fix this toilet leaking into pan

    hi, So the toilet started to leak, I opened it up and when I gently pull up the blue bit here, it stops. I tried to turn that plastic screw, but it was already all the way up. There's no where to go there. Is there an easy fix here? Or do I need to replace the fill valve? If its the valve...
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    New windows and Door are draughty

    hi, Ive had two new PVC windows and a door installed in the spring and now that the winds picked up I can feel a breeze :( I tried to adjust the little bolt thing it made it a little tighter but theres still a 1mm gap in the corners. And the rear door is worse, I can hear people chatting as...
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    Garage conversion ceiling insulation

    Hi, We had our garage converted into a living room earlier this year and the room is considerably colder than the rest of the house. There are 2 radiators that get hot and warm the room for about an hour but then the room is cold again and the rest of the house is still warm. I have done the...
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    Electric shower burning switches

    hi, I installed a new triton 10.5kW electric shower about a year and a half ago and it has now burnt through 3 switches. At first I thought it was the switches. but the latest one has the wires burnt out ...see pic. This piece of burnt wire was removed and i installed a new switch but a...
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    Terrace Extension Advice

    hi, I currently live in a 2 bed terrace and I love the area l live in, my kid just started school so I dont want to move. I am currently renting and would like to buy. But the area I live in has mainly 2 bed terraces. The bigger bungalows are expensive and way out of my price range. Can anyone...