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    Radiator valve question

    HI All My questions is about the valve at the other end of the radiator to the thermostatic valve. Does it need to be screwed down or loose to allow water to pass please , Thanks
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    interior doors dropping

    Hi All I have had all interior doors replaced about 6 months ago and quite a few are dropping at the top causing then to stick. How do I fix without chasing out the frame fixings. Thanks
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    Cavity closer question

    HI All Im having new windows soon to replace our 25 year old ones thats got various problems. Question is when the guy's surveyed the windows they took some trims off to see if they had cavity closers which we haven't. Will the new windows be fitted with cavity closer or are they not required...
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    Smart alarm upgrade required , suggestions please

    I have a 20 year old security 700l and we want to upgrade it to a smart alarm with app. I liked the look of the Risco lightsys and touch screen pads as a friend has one but our local installer won't provide one as he says its unreliable and only uses Oricec now. I have 4 pir's and door contacts...
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    Replace Scantronic 700L

    I have a 25 year old Scantronic 700L which we want to upgrade to one we can monitor/control via phone app we have 4 pirs', 3 doors and garage door alarmed. Any recommendations for model and approx cost to be fitted by an alarm co please Thanks
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    Dulux Once Satinwood going on shiny is that right

    I normally use the quick dry satinwood but I wanted to try the Once product but its going on shiny like a gloss. Does it dampen down the shine when dry anybody got any experience with it, also it seems a bit runny for a one coat product thanks
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    DHW too hot in new shower

    Hi All. Had a new shower fitted and the valve is a Bristan Cobalt Recessed Thermostatic Dual Control Shower Valve but the water is too hot even on the lowest setting. Is the valve faulty as I can't see how it would be turned down as its behind tiles now. So I tried to turn down the DHW on the...
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    Hive question

    I have a Hive set up at home and has been working ok but now and again when the shedule is set to 17 degrees I have noticed the room hot and when checking its set to 18.5 degrees Anybody any ideas why please.
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    Move radiator feed from floor to the wall

    I am having new rads fitted soon and the original feed is up from the floor ( chipboard ) and I am wanting the feed moving to feed out of the wall but how do you get the pipe fed behind the skirting board or do you have to cut the skirting board off the wall and replace when the rads is fitted...
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    Getting tiles off concrete board

    Hi all I’m trying to take off the tiles in my shower and have done most , need to re plasterboard some walls now but the problem is half of a wall has concrete board under the tiles and won’t come off , what the best way of either getting the tiles off or cutting the concrete board, I can...
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    Ceiling sensor for indoor garage lights

    Hi All As we keep leaving the garage lights on overnight is it possible to add a sensor to turn the light on/off by adding a ceiling sensor , we have 2 led strips lights in the garage at the moment Thanks
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    Waterproof en-suite before tiling

    Hi All I want to know if I need to waterproof the Sts professional tile backer board im going to use to put in the shower walls of my en-suite before tiling and if so what to use please Thanks
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    Shower door help please

    Hi all I am going to be updating the en-suite soon and looking for a new pivot shower door if possible but the gap is 717mm wide , can anybody tell me what size door I need to buy, do they come adjustable or if not and I need a bifold what size do I buy that will fir please. Regards
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    Shower water burning hot

    Hi All We had our bathroom overhauled a couple of weeks ago including a thermostatic shower but since then in our ensuite which has a mixer shower the water in the ensuite when you turn on the water at the normal point the water runs that hot it will burn your skin we then turn it down a long...
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    Door won't close bottom 30cm

    Hi All I took of a bathroom door as I was doing up the bathroom but when I come to put the door back on ( I took the door off the frame keeping there hinges on the door ) now when I put the door back on the last 30cm opposite the bottom hinge now sticks out about 1mm I cant see how to get it...
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    need to get old boards up

    Hi All I am refitting my bathroom and need to get up the old boards put down for the underfloor heating but they are screwed down and nailed but they are rounding the head if I try to get them up, any ideas how I can get them up as the crowbar method isn't really working thanks
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    new internal doors sticking

    Hi All I had all my internal doors replaced about 2 months ago and a couple have started to stick when I clots the door as though they have swelled, how do I fix it do I plane off some of the door hinges or is there another way. I won't ask the original joiner back as his work was sub standard...
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    Painting new MDF wardrobe doors

    I have had some new MDF wardrobe doors fitted and need to paint them to match existing Dulux Satinwood, I have a tin of water based Zinsser to use as a undercoat, would that be ok ?then put Dulux satinwood on the top. Thanks
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    How to loosen or tighten new door handles

    We have had new doors fitted and the fitter has not responded to our phone calls to make adjustments, so I need to know how to loosen or tighten these door handles please handle type...
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    Issues with Hive

    Hi All Any experts on Hive here, I have had the Hive thermostat about 3 months now and intermittently like this morning its set at 16.5 degrees at 0830 but the radiators are on and the app shows its set to 19 degrees. I spoke to Hive support who reset the system but didn't properly understand...