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  1. easyflow

    Luke Warm Water all the Time

    You are right to think its a 3 port valve, the fact its only 3 yrs old don,t matter, check the wiring is in order. Should be a lever on the valve that enables you to open it manually to get hot water if it packs up.
  2. easyflow

    Baxi 105e

    Sounds like problem lies with the salus thermostat, someone nearby is controlling your c/h with their thermostat. Reconfigure the pins in the wall stat to change frequency (go to instructions). If problem persists get your GSI to disconnect the thermostat wiring to the boiler and re connect link...
  3. easyflow

    New Boiler Advice.

    As said easy to repair and parts widely available, but if you're still wanting a new unit that's cheap and reliable, look at the Ideal Atlantic.
  4. easyflow

    Opinions re the new Worcester Bosch 2000 series combi?

    Yep WB plastic components are a joke, with the flow sensor, diverter valve and hydro block all housed in plastic and they all eventually fail with fractures and seal wear. Not to mention nearly all the water carrying connections are push and clip fit, But I,m not complaining repairing them...
  5. easyflow

    Broken pipe

    Looks like salt glaze.
  6. easyflow

    Hot water going cold

    Or it could be a bath hot outlet is 22mm and a basin 15mm, with the outside mains flow much cooler this time of year and a low kw combi would produce luke warm water from hot outlet.
  7. easyflow

    New boiler - poor flow - total noob question

    Slow weak ? more like a strong powerful pump, look towards installation and the condition of your systems carcass and radiators.
  8. easyflow

    How to repressurise a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 15i Erp

    Its not a combi , its a system boiler, somewhere around exposed pipe area will be a filler loop to re pressurise system.
  9. easyflow

    Worcester Bosch, Why Not?

    In my mothers house I fitted an Ideal c90ff 14 years ago, it needed a hot water switch replacing 2 yrs ago £11 and that,s it.
  10. easyflow

    WB Combis

    Ask your installer if they can recommend any other brand.
  11. easyflow

    Remove basin tap in very tight space

    Hold nut with tap spanner or angle adjustable spanner in space and get an assistant to ease tap anti clockwise.
  12. easyflow

    Recommend a combi.

    Worcester bosch have a very good marketing structure and price tag, other than that nothing special at all. Some research on a Intergas boiler might be worthwhile.
  13. easyflow

    Valiant boiler advice please

    Seen this many times with Vaillant ecotec, one of two things usually, a leaking diverter valve (internal seals) Or internal flow or return pipe seals leaking, the connections being push and clip with an O ring seals.
  14. easyflow

    Radiators not heating up

    Go to frequently ask questions and look at balancing.
  15. easyflow

    Getting rid of airlock in Hot Water Cylinder Coil

    Put a hose on the c/h drain cock (use a jubilee clip to secure hose) open drain cock and back fill system using mains water, 10 seconds should be enough if its a airlock.
  16. easyflow

    Glowworm 18 HXI

    At a good guess I would say the problem lies not with the boiler but an iron oxide blockage probably with the flow or return around the cylinder area. Ask your plumber to run a magnet all over the the flow and return pipes in the cylinder cupboard, see if the magnet pulls at a certain point(s).
  17. easyflow

    Potterton Combi Problem

    Try getting the pump removed and confirm the impeller in intact.
  18. easyflow

    Soldering Yorkshire fittings

    Forget the yorkshire fitting and use end feed.
  19. easyflow

    vaillant 937 ecotec boiler problem

    your initial problem was an easy fix, by deflating the EV you have now caused another problem. We cant give advice on here when it involves removing a front panel that is part of a room sealed unit. Get a GS engineer to sort the problem who will no doubt check the whole unit is in proper order.
  20. easyflow

    Water in gas pipes

    You must live in Bexley, made me late for the past couple of days. No long time effect and any effects are the responsibility of Thames water.