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    Switching tool systems

    Two things drove my decision to choose 18V Makita. The first was that they had the widest range of bare tools relevant to me and the second was that they had some manufacturing in the UK. I've not regretted the decision. The other trade makes are perfectly fine and I have a variety of 240V stuff...
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    What is this battery

    The voltage varies with charge. A fully charged LI ion battery will read about 4.2V and when fully discharged*, around 3V. *discharged to a safe level - go too low and damage occurs which can lead to the smoke coming out if charged again.
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    Switching to Ryobi cordless tools

    Agreed wrt the lawnmower but not the strimmer. I have the Makita one. It's a 180W motor but it will only draw this under heavy load. Given that a 5Ah battery is 90Wh the theoretical minimum you would get is half an hour usage from a charge. In reality, it's way more than that. I suspect the...
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    Cordless Circular saw for roofing

    Any of the 10 cell Makita batteries (3,4,5 or 6Ah) will work.
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    Where to find adapters for vacuum cleaner to connect to power tools?

    You might find a suitable hose or adapter / reducer here: or here:
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    Makita or Bosch 240 volt SDS Hammer drills

    Makita make stuff in plants all over the world including Telford, England which is one of the reasons I use them. I'd say they are a consistently reliable brand. I've had no issues with them at all and I have a lot of their kit. Also have some Blue Bosch which I'm happy with.
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    Brexit Morons

    Excellent vid, thanks. I've just checked out some of his other stuff. He talks a lot of sense.
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    Bosch Drill Troubleshooting

    Simple things first. Do you have it in neutral (locked) rather than forward or reverse? (red switch above and to the left and right of the trigger). If so, this is normal. Move switch one way or the other. Apologies if you know this but not everyone does.
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    Anyone know what causes this?

    You say the plaster is not wet or damp. How do you know? It looks exactly like it is being caused by damp.
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    Belt sander advice, cost?

    I have an old green Bosch and a much more recent Makita. The Bosch is insanely loud, painful to use without hearing protection. The Makita is much quieter although hearing protection still advisable. I suggest that you pay attention to the specs on noise before purchasing.
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    NO NO NO !!!

    Because LibLabCon are all a shower of sh1t that don't give a stuff about the ordinary working man or woman. I've had my fill of all of them.
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    Writing out a quote for painting work

    Jesus christ! Do not walk, run away.
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    Best buy cement mixer
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    Washer And Nut Keeper

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    Is the UK deporting enough migrants?

    I suspect the shortage is because they don't want to pay a decent enough wage, not a lack of people that can do the job.
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    SDS drill bits

    Yes, but very infrequently, not by choice* and not recently enough to remember very well. *Unexpected need, SDS not with me.
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    SDS drill bits

    If you do go for the 4 point, please report back, I'd like to hear your thoughts on them. One other option may be the Bosch Multi Construction bits. I don't know if they are available as SDS, I've only used straight shank ones in my combi. They work as advertised (wood, masonry and steel) but...
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    SDS drill bits

    Irwin Joran for me but any decent branded ones are going to be vastly better than the monkey metal garbage that comes free with a drill.