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    Balancing After Adding a Rad

    Let's say I were to go round my house balancing the heating system by adjusting each lockshield using the delta T ~12C method across all 14 rads. Now let's say I add a new radiator in. It won't be closest to the boiler but relatively close. Do I need to just adjust the new one to the required...
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    How Does a Boiler Cycle?

    So going with your description, the rad in the hall is strangled so the TRVs in all the other rooms manage the room temperatures. At some point, all of those rads are closed, or as near as damn it, and the majority of the boiler output is going to the hall rad. Now there are two cases: 1)...
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    How Does a Boiler Cycle?

    Going back to my query, if the roomstat was set higher than the TRVs cutting demand, then the cycling would still continue as the system (pipe) cools below SP-5(say). The only way to totally stop my (simplistic) boiler cycling would be when the roomstat cuts out, and being a switch in series...
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    How Does a Boiler Cycle?

    Interesting. I'm guessing there's a thermistor somewhere that provides water temperature for the boiler to work with. Also with the pump running continuously, the boiler is closer to measuring true water system temperature than a localised stagnant water temperature for a boiler sitting in a...
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    How Does a Boiler Cycle?

    Just pondering ... Conventional combi boiler, not a condensing one. Heating kicks in, house comes up to temperature, TRVs restrict flow until they close off. Assume the room stat has been set way too high so never does it's thing. Somehow the boiler knows there isn't a demand for heat and...
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    New Boiler or Not?

    Good spot. Thanks. Payback will be painfully long so change your boiler because it's knackered or you fancy a different white box on the wall.
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    New Boiler or Not?

    There was a consultation around building standards that pointed to new builds not having gas boilers by 2025 and the government have stated an aim to stop new installations by 2035. However, it's a desire, not enforceable. They also stated their aim was to hold inflation under 2.5%. It's more...
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    New Boiler or Not?

    First, question if the service contract on a mature boiler is worth the money. Are you really getting £400/year benefit above an annual service? Going from what you've posted, I'd guess your conventional boiler was around 80% at new. I've read boilers loose efficiency as time goes by, but how...
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    Drop Seal on a Wonky Floor

    Kinda awkward for a door that opens out onto a staircase. Fiddling and footling and a bit of bodging will probably be in order. :sneaky:
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    Drop Seal on a Wonky Floor

    Searching around, The best drop seal I can find is 14mm, so still 10mm short. I could maybe tweak the threshold strip by 5mm, but that still leaves me 5mm out. Might have to put this into my "do that later" pile and tackle more practical things.
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    How to raise level of loft boards?

    I'm guessing this is a cold roof space you want to board over so you can store things up there. Run your timber perpendicular to the existing joists. This limits the cold spots. As you're not storing gold ingots and baby elephants, so use something like 63 x 38. Where the timber crosses the...
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    Any point in fixing this rotten door?

    @JobAndKnock is spot on, and you've already said it's beyond your DIY skills. So how deep are your pockets? If the door fits the frame well, isn't twisted, then you need to look for a joiner with a workshop, not a jobbing chippy who works from a van. They will dice and slice the door, repair...
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    Plywood or MDF?

    Use ply. Don't ever consider using MDF anywhere near moisture. Better still, don't ever consider using MDF for anything. It is soulless. The cheap cheddar from Tesco has more character and is just as easy to cut. Yes, MDF is lovely and smooth. And there are a miriad of ways of sealing the...
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    Is this expanding foam?

    Strange one. Doesn't look like a fungus if that's what you were worrying about. My experience of decades old expanding foam is it does crumble, but it tends to be much darker
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    Drop Seal on a Wonky Floor

    I'm trying to reduced the draught under an internal door. When closed, the door has a floor to bottom of the door gap of 5mm by the hinge and 35mm at the other end. Fully open, 5mm at the hinge, 15 at the other. I could, in theory, add a triangular fillet and reduce the closed gap to 25mm. Do...
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    Painting internal masonry

    I've an enclosed porch around what used to be the front door. The old external cavity brick wall is now an internal wall so never sees rain. Is masonry paint truly necessary, or will emulsion do just fine?
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    Let it Fall or Put it back?

    It was wet, but given we'd just had 4 hours of horizontal torrential rain, I wasn't surprised. Everyone's roof would have leaked. If it's wet the next time it rains normally, I'll see if I can find either a bucket or a roofer willing to take fir cones
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    Fire Rated Lights Needed?

    Single skin grey plasterboard, so not a fire barrier. Lights are mains.
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    Fire Rated Lights Needed?

    So I'm thinking of changing the downlights in my utility room. I've hated them since the spark installed them, but I don't spend much time in there, so what the heck. They're 50W halogens and the bulbs are becoming more tiresome to source so perhaps when they blow again, I'll swap them for round...
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    Full electrical rewire

    Go round the house and think through exactly what you'd like where; sockets, lights, switches, networking. Then go around marking on the walls the minimum you want with no external electrical work unless absolutely necessary. Now get a spark round to quote for wiring using white plates etc and...