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    Responsibility for builder building to SE spec?

    Not really, you should keep on top of things and check yourself, BC may question the builder on low levels of insulation though.
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    Heating Zone for Loft Conversion

    Not really worth it, too many things to go wrong and will cost to trouble shoot.
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    Vaillant Boiler Advice Please

    Glad u got it sorted, just to say decent alkaline batteries will last about 2 years, i replaced my device with new batteries back in april, enrgizer brand.
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    Combisave Device

    Hard to train other members in the house.
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    Combisave Device

    Are they any good?
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    Down pipe

    Is that knotweed?
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    Possible subsidence?

    Leave it, find another house.
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    Vaillant Ecotec pro 24 - F75

    Should be under warranty, call Vailiant.
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    If display is 55 degrees on vaillant boiler is that when boiler is at most efficient?

    IMO too many variables to adjust and decide if a boiler is condensing, not many people wil bother with that, flow temps, weather compensation, trv setting and now pump speed? Presumbly self modulating boiler will modulate down when heat has been acheived. The flow temp is not set correctly...
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    Correctly "patching up" cracks in ceiling

    I use toupret flexible filler, which was a pain to get on as it slumps as well, looked good for a couple of weeks and now it looks pants.
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    Frost Stat

    I used to have a frost on a WB combi boiler in at outbuilding, when temps were freezing it used to fire the boiler up, now knowing it can get cold during nights i set the pipe stat lower and it used to fire for under 10 mins and switch off every hour. I done this to prevent gas bills being...
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    Windows 10 to 11 ??

    Win 11 has some hardware requirements, if your machine does not meet those requirements it will not install (however there are ways around this), best to keep using the latest version of Win 10 until 2025.
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    London Bridge is apparently down

    The sign was there, look at her hands, the mottling of skin means death is imminent.
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    Where were you when you heard the Queen had died?

    At work at 3pm, saw whatsapp messages saying BBC staff in black, expect announcement after 6pm.
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    Wiring a thermostat to a combi boiler

    Get this instead; Salus RT310i so u can control from anywhere.
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    Headlights oxidising

    The final wipe is a UV one which applies protection, even if it last for 6 months then its worth it.
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    Headlights oxidising

    My headlights were turning yellow, saw many vids showing how to resolve it, the only one which involves 5mins per headlight and resolved it was Armour All Headlights restorer. All others required buffing and using a drill with more elbow greasefor 2 hours, but for 10 mins , you cant go wrong...
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    Corner cracks on bungalow, outer skin

    Ive got similar cracks appearing on the render, its south facing and appeared after facing the full blast of the sun over the 2 day extreme heatwave.
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    Velux window blinds, real ones or compatible?

    I bought some velux copies back in 2016 for the GL04 window, still working ok, cost was about £35 each.