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    Wallpaper advice/questions

    Hello I have a couple of wallpapering questions! Firstly we have wallpaped our chimney breast but we are thinking about papering the whole of the back wall. The wall to the left of the chimney breast has an arch (structural).The arch is part of the adjacing wall, so would it look daft if we...
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    Faulty spirit level?

    Well to be honest most of the time I don't use a spirit level. When I fitted skirting in my kids room and kitchen I did just fit to floor and most of them are actually level :D I fitted two skirting boards in my living room with a level because in one area the floor slopes downwards a lot...
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    Faulty spirit level?

    I'll probably purchase a new spirit level. However I do a have a smaller one (23cm) and this says my skirting is level. The board is 170 cm in length. Are smaller spirits levels accurate on long lengths of skirtings? Phil
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    Pipes knocking/banging

    It's now sorted, it was down to the stop cock. Our plumber popped round to have a look and he turned the stop cock down as well. The pipes are now quiet! Phil
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    Faulty spirit level?

    Hello I have fitted a piece of skirting board and double checked it with a spirit level. When I place my spirit level on the skirting it says its sloping to the left. However I discovered using the other side of the spirit level it reads level!!!! Is it faulty? It'll complicate things when I...
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    Pipes knocking/banging

    Sorry, I don't follow..... Phil
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    Pipes knocking/banging

    Hello We had a new bathroom fitted before Christmas including a new towel warmer to replace a radiator. When it was done the radiators in the house weren't warming up and the plumber put this down to the ball cock in the tank so he changed it. Before that though he discovered there was an air...
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    Shower curtain rails

    Thanks for your reply. So if it was straight across, wall to wall, it shouldn't need a ceiling mount? The length between the 2 walls will be about 165cm - 170cm. Phil
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    Shower curtain rails

    Hello I've been looking for a shower curtain rail and have seen some with and without a ceiling mount. I was at first going to get one of those telescopic ones but I would rather have one that is properly fixed the wall. Anyway is it best to buy a rail with a ceiling mount? I've seen one in...
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    Dulux Bathroom paint

    Right, I may try a roller and see what happens. I did actually use a different brush to what I painted with first time round. Phil
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    Cracks in wall

    Hello I'm planning on getting my spare bedroom re-skimmed ready for me to decorate. However there are a lot of horizontal cracks in the room but most of them don't feel hollow like they've blown. There are some cracks which I think have blown so they will need to be knocked back to brick and...
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    Dulux Bathroom paint

    Thanks for your reply. Yes I used the original tin of paint. I stirred it thoroughly before I used it. I painted the wall about 3 weeks ago before I touched up the areas yesterday. The paint is a soft sheen. The previous coat was done with a roller but I then used a brush for the edges...
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    Dulux Bathroom paint

    Hello I painted my bathroom wall with Dulux Bathroom paint (soft sheen). We had a new suite fitted and tiling done so I wiped down some of the tile adhesive that went onto the wall but some areas needed touching up with paint. However now the paint is dry it's a different shade to the rest of...
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    Fitting a blind onto plasterboard

    Hello I was thinking about fitting a blind in the inside of a window in our bathroom. However the plasterboard (approx. 1.5cm thick) above the window is screwed onto a wooden frame. Is this thick enough to hold the wall plugs and support the blind? I suppose if I hit the wooden frame it would...
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    Are these mosaics fitted ok?

    Hello We've had a new bathroom suite fitted and new wall and floor tiles laid with a mosaic border on the wall. Now there are about 3 mosaics that haven't stuck properly and are coming away from the wall but we will tell our fitter. However some of the rows aren't perfectly flush with the...
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    Floor dividers

    Hello We have just had new floor tiles laid in our bathroom. The room next to the bathroom has walnut laminate. What's the best divider/strip that goes in between the gap between the 2 floors? I don't know whether to get a walnut coloured divider or one same shade (light) as the floor tiles...
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    need advice, paint color to go with dark cherry bedroom set

    Hello How about white or an off white with a wallpapered feature wall where the bed is? The good thing about white is that it goes with anything and you can accessorise the room. Also you have dark furniture and laminate so it shouldn't look too stark and boring!!! Phil
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    Help.. Trying to cover Polycell Damp Seal patches!

    Hello I have a similar problem to the OP. I had a wall skimmed and mist coated as usual but a stain showed through the paint. I applied some Polycell Damp Seal as i had a tin lurking about. I then applied another coat of white paint but the stain came through. So i went out and got some...
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    Using oil and water based paint in same tray

    Hello Can you use a roller tray that has had oil based paint (damp seal) in it for water based paint? I decided to roller this oil paint on a wall but have cleaned it with white spirit and wiped it dry. Would it be ok to proceed with water based emulsion for next use? Thanks Phil
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    Patching up plaster

    Hello I'll be be patching up plaster in my spare bedroom after taking areas back to brick. When i did it before i used Hardwall onto the brick then Multi to finish. I didn't do too bad to be honest, got a fairly good finish. However i have thought about using Easi-Fill as it can be sanded and...