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  1. pete50


    The wife and I have had ours today no drama no after effects. No queues, didn't hang around after to see if we were going to collapse. Straight back in the car and home. 15 to 20 minutes max. For the attention of Ellal and his cult followers. Looks like you were right. I can definitely feel...
  2. pete50

    Can you ‘Over Ram’ a computer?

    That board should be able to take 64 Gb in 2 x 32 gig sticks. The usual culprit when boards don't work after RAM is installedf is because one of the sticks isn't seated properly.
  3. pete50

    Someone is lying...

    Just to reiterate what a couple have said in this thread. most of the participants haven't got half a brain between them and I do not understand why they are on this forum or even why some of them are still in this country. But I digress from the main point that I was going to make. It doesn't...
  4. pete50

    Bathroom smell

    The problem with those rubber bung things is that unless they go in more or less straight they will distort. When they distort, and yours look very iffy especially at the bottom, they will let in smells. As a temporary measure cling film or amalgamating tape as suggested but that is only a very...
  5. pete50

    Sex and Gender

    There is something seriously seriously wrong with you people. I would go and get help if were you. And no I didn't take part in this idiot poll once I saw the question. Good grief the mind boggles that there are even people like you lot around.
  6. pete50

    Help Please :)

    Illegal rubbish. The boiler isn't working properly and it is down to him, by law, to get it fixed. Ask your local CAB as long as they haven't gone on strike like the rest of the country.
  7. pete50

    Coronavirus - "You may never be out of the woods"

    I don't know about the bunch of b0llox that the "usual clowns" post, most if not all who are on this thread and in my opinion should have been banned from this forum a long long time ago. Anyway I don't know about all that what I do know is that the bunch of clowns that are running this country...
  8. pete50

    Unable To Find Any Kind Of Instructions

    If the "pearls of wisdom" are anything like some of the replies from a few clowns in the first part of this very old thread I would go to British Gas and ask them.
  9. pete50

    Braided flexible water hose burst! How to replace?

    Dead simple to replace. Only problem might be the plastic push fit end might be full of gunk which could make the grey plastic release ring hard to push back. To release the bottom part of the fitting push the grey plastic ring back towards the white bit. Hold it there and the pipe should just...
  10. pete50

    What is this valve and why is it leaking?

    Be very careful if you do not know what you are doing. As said it is a drain down valve. Taking it apart to replace the washer could result in a flood especially if you keep the pressure on the boiler.
  11. pete50

    You won't see this on the BBC

    You really are. There are a few on this forum but you are by far and away the biggest. Why you haven't been banned by now is beyond me. Go away and frequent your beloved subversive internet dark holes. This is a do it yourself forum.
  12. pete50

    Securely wipe laptop

    All I will say is the only way to absolutely ensure that your "sensitive" information is is not accessable is to remove the old hard drive whack a big nail through the platter and buy a another hard drive and install Windows on that. Even I could get information off a wiped hard drive using...
  13. pete50

    New build issues.

    THAT has got to be the understatement of the year so far. I wouldn't touch a new build with a 50 yard bargepole with wotsit on the end. Cardboard crap erected in super record time with no regard to finish etc and super super inflated prices, oh yeah and garages that you cannot put a car in. Give...
  14. pete50

    For those with an open mind...

    Being that a significant number of posters are, or appear to be living in other countries and a significant number are living in this country but don't, by their own admission, want to be here but cannot be bothered to get out not only have they run their courses but they have no right to be...
  15. pete50

    Car parking spaces

    And "tradesmen" in bl***y great white vans.
  16. pete50

    How to Complain About the UK Government

    Wait four years and vote someone else in. I don't think this pile of s**tis going to last that long though. Having said that there isn't anyone else that I can see waiting to take up the reins. Starmer is an extremely wet squib and that is being kind. Only good thing I can say about Starmer is...
  17. pete50

    Loft Conversion advice

    Because a builder who can do the work to regulations would cost a stupid amount of money and wouldn't add any value whatsoever by the time the immense cost of doing the conversion is taken into account. I did mine 25 years ago so that I had a bit more space for storage. If what I have done...
  18. pete50

    Evolution Rage 5s Sawdust Collection problem

    I have the same problem with the same saw. I built a sloped container that fits under the saw body with a hole in the center. The idea was that the sawdust would slide down the slope to the hole where I have a pipe connected that goes to my dust collection system. Unfortunately the slope isn't...
  19. pete50

    They are lying to you.

    As if we haven't got enough nutjobs on this forum. For crying out loud mods GET RID OF THIS CLOWN.
  20. pete50

    Electric Meter Overloaded?

    That's what we had up until a couple of years ago when the leccy board came and put a little plastic doobry in with a red light and a little meter. Our house was built in 1962. As far as I can tell most of the wiring is original and we still have a wired fuse box. I will get it all changed when...