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    Hotpoint integrated oven tripping fuse

    Hi, wondering if anyone can shed some light on this problem? I have a hotpoint electric oven, single, model SY56X The oven packed in last week when missus decided to clean the inside, convinced she damaged the element, as afterwards it started tripping the fuse box! I replaced the element and...
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    Baxi Brazilia Slimline 8S high setting not working?

    Hi Just wondering of anyone can help, I have a workshop that has two Baxi Slimline 8S gas heaters installed One of the heaters will not work on the medium or high setting, only low. The other heater is working fine, as the building is isolated from my property, I isolated the gas supply and...
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    FENSA regulations?

    Its not a directional flue, open ended. Only option would have been to lower the wall heater, which wasn't possible due to floor clearance, or change the window.
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    FENSA regulations?

    It is a gas appliance yes, and less than 300mm from the window opening, luckily they are going to replace it
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    FENSA regulations?

    Safestyle where FENSA members After a phone call today to Safestyle, they have agreed they have made an error in the surveying of the property. They are sending someone out towards the end of the month to measure up and replace the window that they installed
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    FENSA regulations?

    I understand that, but the flue/vent was there long time before the window was fitted. Safestyle recommended the half open window to match existing windows, surely their own surveyor should have spotted there was a vent below the window and not recommended that type. The original window opened...
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    FENSA regulations?

    Hi all, not posted here for a long time but in need of some advice that i'm struggling to find online I have a property that I am now renting out, which used to be my main residence I had a gas safe engineer out today to carry out a gas safety certificate, he has found that the bathroom window...
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    I think this IS a work of art!
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    Utter drivel!!
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    Will America ever learn?

    Think you'll find it is not
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    Never never never accept a caution from the police.

    Someone is telling tales, a person cannot be put on the sex offenders register for more than 2 years if they are only cautioned by the police. He should have spoke to the police when he went to register himself, and he can appeal it
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    Will America ever learn?

    Average of 2 people a day are killed in America from accidental gun shots, many more injured. Hardly an isolated incident is it?
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    Consumers Rights..... Trading standards

    100% the shops fault. The handles are there to lift the box, a box not designed to lift its content weight with handles would not have handle holes in it. It is the shops responsibility to ensure goods are suitably packed for transit, if not it should be made known to the customer. Send a...
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    £2,816 per week for:

    The 2 pictures are different so its obvious they just put the rubbish back down in a similar is pathetic that this is called art :evil:
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    Am I prejudgemental or know what is going on

    Disgusting, but why did a 17 year old girl walk into the woods with a stranger, do young girls (kids) have no common sense these days
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    Will the plane take off

    Tips right
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    Will the plane take off

    Correct, and tips to the right with some force too
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    Bloody hell, mad roofers are us!

    A lot of them Empire State building pictures are not the Empire State building Still, pretty dangerous and scary to look at.
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    Best sports person ever?

    Best sportsman ever? Max Woosnam Captained Manchester City and England at football A Wimbledon tennis champion Scored a century for England cricket boys team at Lords Olympic gold medals at tennis Played golf off scratch Never gave an interview and did it for the love of...
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    Renting DVDs/Blurays

    Problem with Netflix and co is that their latest films are just too old, they are the sort of films you would see for £2.99 in Asda. If you have Netflix you can go into your settings and adjust it to access the US version, better but not great. Showbox on the other hand, watch films before...