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    Potterton Suprima 70L Non condensing conventional gas boiler

    As often happens the Gov advice can get a bit muddled. A condensing boiler works more efficiently with a lower flow temperature. Your old non condensing boiler is only slightly more efficient with a lower flow temperature. The Gov advice should also say turn down your room thermostat to...
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    wet UFH - no 2-port valve - how does ST699 programmer work with room thermostats?

    I really meant that if they are powered open then all you need to do is to use a relay or other modification to the wiring to ensure that no power is supplied to the heating thermostats when you are heating the hot water. To ensure you can, if you choose, have heating for longer it is essential...
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    Is boiler underspec?

    The regulations are designed to make an installation future proof. Gas boilers are more efficient with a 55C flow temperature but not that much more. The regulations is designed to enable them to run from an electric heat pump. That is flawed thinking by the Gov who seem not to understand...
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    Vaillant Boiler Advice Please

    You need to follow the instructions on the programmer to sync it to the receiver. Because these take a significant current from the battery when they switch you must use alkaline batteries, ideally Duracell. Cheap zinc carbon batteries often do not work at all or only for a short time.
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    Leaking toilet advice please

    It is important to ensure that the flush pipe enters the rubber seal parallel. That may need the joint to the cistern being adjusted a little and tightened up last. I have never needed any silicone sealant with a new seal that has been able to enter parallel. But if you did decide to add some...
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    wet UFH - no 2-port valve - how does ST699 programmer work with room thermostats?

    UFH takes a time to heat up a room, often 1-2 two hours. Equally it takes a long time to cool down so heating times are important to obtain maximum economy. The ideal is to have the boiler heating the HW at times when the UFH is not needed to be on. Some off peak electricity tariffs are still...
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    Leaking toilet advice please

    I had to buy a couple of these recently for a job and was surprised at a reasonable price at Toolstation. But their stocks at the branches are often rather lacking these days.
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    Is boiler underspec?

    What power was the old boiler? If you have radiators then they have probably been designed to provide enough heat output when supplied at 80C. If you are only running the new boiler at 55C then the radiator heat outputs will only be about half of that at 80C. But if the house has four...
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    Noise from unvented hot water system

    I have often used a long flexible. Primarily to produce a series resistance in the flow in/out of the EV. Most of them have a quite small internal diameter.
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    Correct material for blocking hole in house wall.

    Yes, I noticed that when I had finished. But the delete button seems to have been removed!
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    Which kind of mastic?

    OK thanks. I had a look at what Toolstation were selling and decided to buy their Ever Build External Frame Sealant as most of its stated capabilities seemed suitable and the brown colour was less noticeable. Although it does say that it is acrylic which you advised against. Anyway we will...
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    Correct material for blocking hole in house wall.

    Traditionally any hole like that has been plugged with mortar. This is the same material that is used for bedding and pointing the bricks and totally effective at waterproofing the wall. You could start by pushing a little material into the hole first. Rolled up newspaper or plastic bag to...
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    Which kind of mastic?

    I went yesterday to assess a situation where water leaking into a flat had tripped the kitchen ring main and the tenant did not want to reset it. The landlady had worked out that the gutter had been leaking and water somehow entered the property. She got the gutter cleaned and it is no longer...
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    Vaillant Eco diverter failure

    Since there could be several reasons for the boiler not to work I cannot see what the valve supplier could be expected to do. Boiler components do not come with any call out warrantee. Only Gas Safe registered people are recommended to open a boiler like yours as this involves opening the gas...
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    Keeping regular boiler condensing on DWH cylinder

    Only consider reducing the flow rate on a valve on the HW cylinder. Your boiler should be condensing well when the return is below 55C
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    Plumbing and central heating

    If it is a radiator system you need to calculate the radiator heat output required and then choose a radiator size to exceed that. There are many different sizes and underfloor is another option for a new built part. A good heating engineer will source a size that will fit in well with your...
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    Moving a Gas Emergency Control Valve

    If it is after the meter it will be a reasonable cost as any RGI can do it. If before then expensive as only the gas transporter can do it and that is usually quite expensive.
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    VIDEO: Is this portable gas heater operating safely?

    It look like a flueless fire. I would suspect that it is a serious carbon monoxide risk. Quite apart from the flames coming out of it! Make and model details would help us!
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    Power to boiler suddenly dead

    It is not so much of a problem at this time of year. But during the winter you should not turn off the power to a boiler as most have a circuit to fire up the boiler if the temperature gets close to freezing. Most boilers would be seriously damaged if allowed to get frozen up. I am not very...
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    WANTED: Grundfoss Pump Plan UPP15-50 Wiring Centre

    If the pump controller has been damaged you should be able to get it repaired by CET or a similar firm. I do have a new one somewhere but not very sure where. It was quite a clever idea.