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    Shower screen leak, my mistake?

    There's always a tiny gap on the folding screens. Always where the seal meets the pivot point.
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    Toilet waste pipe sealant

    Most modern cisterns have a warning on installation instructions saying nothing but water in the cistern as the seals will be damaged.
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    Splitting a double room into two, can this work?

    I'm not up on the regs either tbh but I'd bet money that you're right.
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    Splitting a double room into two, can this work?

    You could do that but access to the room nearest the window would be through the other bedroom. May not be a problem for you but could be if you decide to sell
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    Screwing into party wall

    On the stud wall you could cut a small ish hole behind where TV would be sited and feel for joists. Ideally you'd want a noggin of wood between the joists to mount the TV on. Cut the plasterboard, mount wood then refit the cutout bit of board. It'll be hidden by TV anyway. On the thermalite...
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    Shower Pan with Cement Fibre Board

    I've built many raised plinths in bathrooms to sit trays on. Never had an issue. Just make your plinth strong and allow for future access of pipework.
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    wooden work tops

    All the wooden worktops I've seen have been damaged through everyday use, black marks from cups or pans and black around sinks. Very high maintenance.
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    Installing fence post holes

    Post hole digger a (like 2 spades) work well until you hit an obstacle. A nice obstacle free dig can literally take 5 minutes but if there's rubble or roots in the way it can take a lot longer to get to 2 foot deep
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    Bathroom Tiling Advice

    I was gonna recommend them, make mosaics much easier to install, more chance of getting them level, still go easy on the adhesive though
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    Stair Handrail
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    Quality of plastering workmanship advice?

    Leave him a review on that site if he doesn't rectify
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    Quality of plastering workmanship advice?

    Wow, that's shockingly bad. Where did you find the plasterer? If he hasn't replied after 3 days I'd assume he won't at all. Truly a terrible job.
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    £300 fixed penalty for cycling at night without lights.

    Your brush must be massive to be tarring everyone with it.
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    £300 fixed penalty for cycling at night without lights.

    I don't think that's true. There are idiots who do this but most responsible cyclists, myself included, will stop and wait.
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    £300 fixed penalty for cycling at night without lights.

    It's quite common, see a lot round here, factory workers on their way home, no lights, no helmet, dark clothing, meandering on pavements, dropping onto side roads to avoid traffic lights etc .... Many years ago when I was the RAF i used to commute down the a17 from Sleaford to Norfolk and we...
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    Grouting vinyl floor tiles

    It will go mouldy, it always does
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    Illuminated bathroom mirror

    Fitted a few of these and never envisaged such problems. They're not particularly heavy and seemed sturdy once hanging on the wall.
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    How to repair bathroom wall?

    Are you tiling that wall? Once the architrave goes on the gap would be huge down the side of it.
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    Advice on bathroom leak fix

    I've had a few jobs where back of bath tap has failed or leaked, options for repair are bath out or access panel from back. It's expensive to fix a relatively inexpensive problem but when those type of taps are fitted with no thought to future access then that's the only options. Back of bath...