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    Best way to install new flow and return but add rads at staggered times?

    Very common with extensions to take pipework to a particular point and cap ,ball ofix valves, push fit stopends ,compression stopends....whatever is on the van !!
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    Best way to install new flow and return but add rads at staggered times?

    Bring the 15mm branches to each rads position and cap them with compression fittings, which you could loosen to release trapped air if need be.
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    Only top of radiator gets hot

    Remove the white actuator head of the TRV. There is a pin in the centre of the valve body ,see if it moves up and down freely, leave the actuator removed,and see if rad heats fully
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    Radiator & valve replacement

    Drain the system to a lower level than the radiator you intend to work on. Trying to remove a valve when the system is full of water is something professionals can do ,but diyers are safer draining.
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    Simple light switches

    Show us pics of wiring at both lighting points ,and wiring at switch.
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    Simple light switches

    How were they connected to previous light fittings ?
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    Hopefully a very basic boiler question (Baxi 600)

    Look lower than the boiler ,for a silver coloured ,braided flexible hose . Showing us pics of below your boiler and associated pipework could be useful.
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    Worcester Bosch Greenstar 34CDi - Flame but no Heat

    Pump seized is a possibility, sounds like there is no circulation.
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    Lamps tripping MCB even though their off

    With no power running to the lamp ,a big flash of light is highly unlikely to have emitted from a bulb ,more likely from the timer or socket
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    New mixer tap turning wrong way (anti clock wise)

    Correct ,there is nowt wrong with the tap ,if it gives hot water only,or cold water only, or both mixed together ,when lever is in a centre point ,that's what it's designed to do.
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    New mixer tap turning wrong way (anti clock wise)

    Put it this way ,it's not conventional !! There is no law that states a mono bloc tap has to be fitted in a specific orientation ,but yours is the only one I have ever seen fitted like that !!
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    New mixer tap turning wrong way (anti clock wise)

    Your tap handle has a mid point between far left and far right ,at which it will blend hot and cold water together. The tap tails below the sink are connected incorrectly ,for you to get hot on the left and cold on the right they need to be swapped over on the supply pipes. The cartridge is...
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    New mixer tap turning wrong way (anti clock wise)

    Only one pic visible. It sounds like the tap body needs to be turned on the sink ,and your hot and cold connections to the tap are the wrong way around. Hot should be lever to the left and cold to the right. The indice on the tap is showing the opposite ,but that can be pulled out and repositioned
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    Bathtub pop-up waste not working

    You could leave as is and just buy a traditional plug ,that you fit and remove by hand.
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    Pop up waste plug for bath tub

    Replace the whole pop up waste/ overflo combo if you cant find a plug that fits.
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    Help me fit this light fitting

    Yes.I assume there is a terminal block that came with the fitting,and your supply cable going into it. So there should be plenty of space to accommodate 100mm of flex ?
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    Help me fit this light fitting

    NO. The instructions show the shaft dragged down to fitting and secured.
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    Help me fit this light fitting

    That's clearly intended to have the shaft connected to the fitting and not suspended on the flex. Before fitting to the ceiling ,the shaft gets pulled down ,connects to fitting ,secured by grub screws. The excess cable contained in base plate.
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    Help me fit this light fitting

    Showing us some pics of the actual light fitting / shaft etc would be useful. It seems to me that the fitting can be hung either way. Fixed shaft ,or extended on its flex.
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    Trap with no outlet

    Maybe so ,and what would be achieved by separating the two halves ?