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  1. Spark123

    Charging problems

    The small green could be just for the warning lamp in the instrument pod. It is more likely to be an alternator fault.
  2. Spark123

    Condensate pipe

    I have had a look at the original installation manual for the boiler, it says my boiler (Vaillant ecotec pro 28) doesn’t have a built in siphon hence any outdoor pipe work should be 32mm min and lagged where exposed. Just my luck!!
  3. Spark123

    Condensate pipe

    I’m glad I asked, I’ll see what the service guy says as I dont like the idea of having fumes coming back into the bathroom. It is something I’d like done in the summer as getting up a ladder with a kettle in gale force winds isnt really a good idea. I ended up with a washing up bowl and a...
  4. Spark123

    Condensate pipe

    Spot on thanks, I wasn’t aware that it is part of the flue system so will ask my boiler service guy for advice.
  5. Spark123

    Condensate pipe

    Hi, My boiler is in the loft and during the Beast from the East cold spell I had the condensate pipe freeze causing it to backup and drip through the upstairs landing ceiling. The bathroom is not far from the boiler above hence I was wondering if it viable to run a new 22mm plastic condensate...
  6. Spark123

    Telephone socket extension wiring question

    No, the IDC terminal doesn't require the wire to be stripped. Stranded cable isn't very suitable for IDC terminals though, they are made for solid core telephone cable.
  7. Spark123

    18th edition draft now available for comment

    For what it's worth we may as well do away with the suppliers earth and go TT!
  8. Spark123

    18th edition draft now available for comment

    I don't think it is for RCDs, more to do with limiting touch voltages in the event of a failure of the suppliers earth.
  9. Spark123

    18th edition draft now available for comment

    542.1.201, installations to have an earth electrode to supplement any suppliers earthing facility.
  10. Spark123

    Extension cord not allowed, but why?

    I bet your family loved using the microwave after you!!:LOL:
  11. Spark123

    Will a electric car charger trip an RCD

    RCDs trip on an imbalance of current in the L and N conductors, usually caused by earth leakage. If there is no fault on the circuit an RCD should not trip. A MCB can trip or a fuse blow with a large inrush current.
  12. Spark123

    Zs with TT system

    200 ohms is the max for reliability in guidance docs. The max in the regs 1666 ohms for a 30mA RCD protected socket circuit (50v/0.03A=1666 ohms). So although the theoretical maximum is above 200 ohms, this should not be exceeded as it is considered unreliable.
  13. Spark123

    Wylex fuse board

    Try another electrician, without being there it is nigh on impossible to say.
  14. Spark123

    Wiring up an extractor fan

    Probably just a MEIWC, minor electrical installation works certificate if it is going to be connected to an existing circuit.
  15. Spark123

    Car battery

    Charge it up and take it to a garage and get them to do a drop test, this is the easiest way to do check the cold cranking amps cca of the battery.
  16. Spark123

    Problems after new consumer unit fitted

    Sounds like a neutral in the wrong bar in the consumer unit, get the electrician back to correct it. Should only take them 5 mins.
  17. Spark123

    2 gang 1 way light switch problem

    I'm wondering if you have a loop in at the switch, it may be the other switch you have connected is now switching the rest of your lighting circuit on and off! //
  18. Spark123

    Hive Installation

    Or is it referring to the valve configuration as opposed to a switch, i.e. it is normally closed and opens when power is applied?
  19. Spark123

    Hive Installation

    They're both south of the UK lol!
  20. Spark123

    Hive Installation

    You don't have a neutral there so it won't work. You need an electrician to either replace or do away with that cable, the hive receiver can probably be moved elsewhere. I don't have a clue on the legalities of doing this work in Australia.