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    What are these metal washers called please?

    Looks like a custom washer. You can buy them with the bolt part:
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    Wedge jack / screw jack / levelling wedge

    Baths are not that heavy so surely if you lift it from the edge, it will just lift one of the feet off the floor and achieve the same thing as just raising that foot? That said I'd lift it with one of those air bags, and then put in a shim of some kind, like the plastic ones used for double...
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    insurance- locks- windows

    I understood it that they ask if the windows have locks on, so that an extra clause goes into the policy stating that they must be used when going out. So it would enable them to potentially slip out of a claim if a window was left open etc. I always tell them the windows dont have locks as I...
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    Concrete slab finish

    I had similar and ended up jet washing all the loose bits off to stop it being too dusty.
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    Fitting a new shower hose, adaptor needed

    That fitting is part of the tap and not a standard part, you need to remove it from the hose to re-use. Unlikely to be rusty as they are made from brass, should clean up no problem.
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    Company fraud

    This happened to us, about 6 companies set up. Contacted compaines house and action fraud but no one said they could do anything about it. Nothing further ever came from it but its there in the back of my mind...
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    What can i do about this metal plate and rendering options ?

    What about cladding the top and just render the bottom like this: Easy enough to loose those plates behind the timber underneath.
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    Installing a water gauge to my metal rainwater tank

    You could tee a sight glass into that output for sure. Just needs to be a transparent pipe as high as the tank and supported somehow. The top of the pipe would be left open to allow it work.
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    How to raise a metal gate

    I'd try to find a way to get a car jack onto that. You mentioned the latch bending, but you would jack it with the door partly open, not closed inside the frame. Maybe some bits of wood through the holes just below the latch and then jack onto that.
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    Roller guide for foldaway bed

    What about something like small skateboard wheels running in routed out tracks in sheets of MDF/PLY? You could even double up the thickness of wood to add depth to the tracks.
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    New lawnmower blade boss broken TWICE

    I'm wondering if the blade is supplied loose and you have to fit it properly or something before the first use? anything like that in the manual it comes with? Maybe a photo of the damage would help the mystery...
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    Power supplies 12v (not really a car)

    Are you using the electronics from the scooter? that would be sensble as it might not be a DC motor that you can just connect 12V directly to. With the scooter electrics you can connect the supply to where the battery was assuming the battery was 12V.
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    Skirting - what am i doing wrong?

    I suspect the problem is getting to know how to use that tool properly. I can't really describe it very well, but in the first photo its opened just past 90 and reads over 90, but then in the second photo, its opened again even wider than 90 but has counted down to 46. Something like that I'd...
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    Skirting - what am i doing wrong?

    It probably just depends how you are making the measurement for marking up etc. What do you get if you use that angle finder on the cut pieces?
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    Twinplas gutter shrinkage in heatwave

    Maybe its their side that moved then?
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    Hot tap indicator missing?

    I think you need a screw in there, the red cap will only be a cover to hide the screw. No idea what thread it would be, probably something like M3
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    Contactor wiring

    Are the sensors already wired to the lights? The way I'd do something like that would be to wire everything to a central location, then you'd have a contactor for each bank of lights, driven by their respective sensors but through a ganged selector switch which can connect them straight through...
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    Choosing Einhell drill and multi tool

    For general DIY, I much prefer 2 X 2Ah over a single 4Ah, I have similar with my bosch gear and find I always just stick to the 2Ah to make things lighter, and its no hardship to swap to the other battery. All my stuff is brushed and works just fine.
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    Flashing lamp

    Does the fan run 24/7 then? If connected to live and neutral, then there's nothing that would switch it on and off...
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    Solar powered pool pump

    This is what 1kw of solar is going to be like: Then you've got the problem of starting the motor on load, which is going to need a lot more than the running current, so getting into batteries, or an oversized system etc. There's a reason most solar...